Stunning, supple and healthy skin sans any signs of ageing or pigmentation is what most women dream of, especially teenagers and young adults. Several types of skin woes bother most of us, dark spots also called hyperpigmentation is one among them. Dealing with dark spots can be quiet annoying, as they don’t settle on their own and sometimes even a regular concealer can’t cover them. Generally, dark spots on the skin are attributed to scarring, where scarring can be the result of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and damage due to suntan.

It is worrying to see these spots creep up on the face, which develops in most women be it young or old. Skin conditions such as acne, pimples, blackheads are some of the other common issues that leave dark marks on your skin. These patches most commonly develops in elbows, knees, underarms, neck, chin and under eyes, where the skin naturally folds. Some of the other factors that can trigger darkened patches on the skin include exposure to sunlight, ageing, hormonal imbalance and certain medications.

Minor dark spots can be evened out with simple and effective home remedies picked up a myriad of natural ingredients available in our kitchen which are easy to make and hassle-free.

Benefits Of The Key Ingredients

Potato: The natural bleaching traits of potatoes work effectively on hyperpigmentation that fades away dark spots and lightens the skin tone.

Onion: A storehouse of antioxidant quercetin and skin lightening properties of onion supports to diminish blemishes.

Lemon: Laden with vitamin C and natural acids, lemon helps to lighten the dark patches on the skin.

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Aloe Vera Gel: The miracle gel loaded with alion natural depigmentation compound aids to lighten the skin and diminishes acne scars.

Yoghurt: The mild bleaching property of yoghurt effectively eases dark parches without damaging the skin.

Try these amazing natural DIY recipes to instantly fade away dark spots. Dive into this infographic for more details.
5 Marvellous DIY Ideas To Fade Away Dark-Spots