Leading actor Hrithik Roshan feels that just going to gym will no longer help youngsters looking to build body as they need to adopt a holistic approach.

Hrithik Roshan

He believes that they need discipline, education, information and guidance to reach their goal.

"Health and fitness doesn't just mean body or the exercise. It means your mind, your heart and your spirit," said Hrithik, who has always been admired for being physically fit.

The actor has invested in a healthcare company, where he is also actively involved in co-creating workouts and fitness routines. "One contribution that I can ever make to my fans, to people, to the children of this country and the world is on the lines of health and fitness," said Rithik, who declined to divulge the equity he holds in the company.

Hrithik said the human potential that has been discovered is unlimited and that people want to be better than what they are now. The actor signed off by saying that a holistic approach to health is going to change the way people look at gym and exercise. (IANS)