During family functions with relatives, PTA meetings in your child’s school, or important seminars at college, work, the last thing you want to encounter, is a whiff of pungent, unpleasant air emanating from your system.

Body odour, often abbreviated as B.O., however mild or strong it may be, is, unfortunately, a common problem that develops in people of all ages, from teenagers to young adults and the elderly.
woman applying deodorant

Although it occurs most prominently in the armpits, B.O. can also arise from the feet, pubic area and buttocks. Even a sweaty scalp that reeks is a frequently reported concern by men and women alike.

Medically referred to as osmidrosis, bromhidrosis and ozochrotia, body odour is triggered when the bacteria residing on the surface of skin break down the proteins in sweat, into some distinct acid compounds.

Sweating, puberty, spicy diet and chronic diseases like diabetes, thyroid disorders are the most common causes of body odour.

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Sometimes, people develop a condition known as hyperhidrosis, which makes them sweat often and in extreme amounts, which could also prompt body odour.

The best ways to keep B.O. under control are bathing with anti-bacterial soap, cleansing the body thoroughly, spraying on deodorant and applying antiperspirants. Moreover, washing the feet daily and keeping the footwear – shoes, sandals and socks fresh and neat, also aids in ceasing any foot-associated soiled odour.

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Nevertheless, if you want to steer clear of chemical-based formulations and go the natural way, look no further. Here are some wonderful, proven home remedies to ward off the foul smell and help combat body odour. Read on, to know more.

Popular Kitchen Ingredients That Significantly Reduce Body Odour:
home remedies for body odour

Rock Salt

Rock salt or sendha namak possesses powerful cleansing properties, which eliminates surplus sweat and influences the action of microbes dwelling on the surface of the skin.

Just add a few crystals of rock salt to a tub or bucket of lukewarm water, mix well until they dissolve completely and take a relaxing shower, to keep sweating and body odour under control.

Green Tea Bags

Famed for their antioxidant and detoxifying potential, green tea bags are a blessing to treat smelly armpits or stinky feet.

Dip some tea bags in warm water and once completely soaked, press against the underarm region and on the feet for 5 minutes each and rinse off, to regulate the sweat glands.

Baking Soda

Baking soda holds intrinsically alkaline traits, which balances the acidity in sweat processed by bacteria, to reduce unfavourable smells from the body.

Prepare a paste with baking soda and water, apply directly on the armpits, to decrease moisture levels and rancid sweat gland secretions.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Imbued with ample amounts of acetic acid, apple cider vinegar has inherently acidic characteristics, which destroy the  toxic microbes in the body.

Immerse a few cotton balls into diluted apple cider vinegar and dab on the armpits, feet  and other parts of the body, to eradicate bacteria that instigate a foul smell.

Tomato Juice

Tomato is renowned for its significant astringent and antioxidant features, which assist in wiping out the excess sweat gland secretions, as well as body surface bacteria.

Immerse a cloth in tomato juice and smear it on the armpits, feet and other locales in the body with an unfavourable smell, to close the pores on the skin and suppress excessive sweat production.

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that aids in getting rid of the bacteria and fungus present on the skin, thus averting foul odour. While its potent antibacterial trait is also effective to combat bad odour.

Mix 2 teaspoons of tea tree oil with equal amounts of water and dab the mixture directly on your underarms and other regions. Do this regimen daily for good results.

Lemon Juice

The acidic quality of lemon juice naturally lowers the pH of the body, making it hard for the bacteria to thrive on the skin.

Simply slice the lemon into two halves and rub it directly on your underarms. Let it dry completely and rinse off the water.

Rose Water

Rose water is a potent astringent that lessens the size of the pores on the skin and reduces perspiration. The natural cologne of rose water leaves behind a floral fragrance.

Blend 3 tbsp of rose water with 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar, store this mixture in a bottle, and spray on underarms and other body regions whenever needed.