If you have indulged in mindless eating of all those salts loaded chips, fries over your favourite television show or while just chatting with friends, it’s time to flush that excess salt out of your system.

Woman drinking water from a glass

Eating too much of salt has a lot of consequences - it increases blood pressure, makes your heart work harder and that heavily bloated feeling is no fun. When you consume excess salt, the body tends to retain fluids inside, giving you a bloated feeling. If you want to de-bloat and get rid of extra salt, read on how to do it instantly.

 Drink Water:

 Kidneys play a vital role in flushing out toxins. Drinking lots of water help in clearing excess sodium through urine. If you have eaten high-salt food, you should drink at least 12 glasses of water at regular intervals in a 24-hour cycle.  

 Consume Water-Rich Foods:

 Eating vegetables and fruits with a lot of water content also helps. Include apples, lettuce, strawberries, peppers to bring down the levels of salt in your body. Go for oats mixed with plain yoghurt, fruit-based smoothies, salt fewer soups to up your fluid levels and help kidneys in flushing out salts.

 High Potassium Foods:

 Doctors recommend adding foods high in potassium to balance salts in the body. High potassium levels help in excreting sodium. If you have consumed a pizza loaded with cheese, go for a banana immediately as it decreases salts. Potatoes, avocados, oranges are high in potassium.

 Break A Sweat:

 Human body sheds a lot of water along with salts during exercise or other intense physical activities. Hit the gym, go for cardio training to remain in shape and also to clear extra sodium. However, keep hydrated during exercise as excessive loss of water can make you tired or may lead to hypernatremia, caused due to a decrease in total body water.

 Go For Walks:

 If you don’t want to sweat it out in the gym, the next best option is to go for a walk. Go for brisk walks, take frequent breaks from your desk, couch and do little stretch exercises. Again, make sure you stay hydrated all the time.