Ever since the coronavirus breakout happened in March and the subsequent lockdown rules coming into place in our country, it has taught us various new tricks, hacks and knacks towards leading a regular life. 

While many of us are still working from home - children are attending classes online, masks are now a super compulsory accessory and using hand sanitizers is the latest etiquette, even as we pray for the normalcy to be restored. Amidst all this chaos along with the academic year and monsoon, the festive and wedding season in India that goes till February or March too has arrived and this year the celebrations are quite docile across the country. 

At this point in time, the arrival of vaccination for combating the novel coronavirus seems still a little iffy, but it doesn’t mean that we give up on those happy moments and celebrations in our lives especially like those hosting marriages to be on hold for a very extended period of time. 
hosting a wedding

It has become common these days to read stories about how a countless number of weddings got postponed owing to the coronavirus and lockdown rules. In many states of our country, the hospitality industry has taken a major dent with hotels being converted into quarantine centres and function halls closed till the next set of relaxations come in. In a few states, marriages can be held but with a maximum of 50 people at the venue including guests and service providers. 

In these days and times of uncertainties, the big fat Indian wedding has slimmed down, the tone of extravagant gatherings, sumptuous display of food is totally muffled. Yet do not lose heart as it’s time to find immense happiness and store memories by making use of limited resources but without compromising on safety and health. From celebrities to commoners, it is the latest trend to organize marriages with a very minimal crowd mostly in the comfort of their homes. In many families, the guest list is not even exceeding 20 people, often confined to close family members while extended family members and friends are shared with online links to be part of celebrations. 

Another new normal? Sans safety measures, be it at home or another place a small gathering too can play major havoc in spreading this deadly virus. If you are hosting a wedding or any other function ensure keeping the following handy and adhere to the strict safety guidelines for emerging corona free. 

Basic Guidelines To Follow While Hosting A Wedding/Function At Home:

Hand Sanitizers:

Love it or hate it, hand sanitizers and masks are the latest addition to our lives which can play a major role in preventing this highly contagious infection. Ensure picking up the right kind of hand sanitizer with at least 80 percent alcohol. Rubbing hand sanitizer on palms kills all the viruses causing germs by destroying the cell membranes besides damaging the characteristic properties of proteins from the bacterial cells. Dab and evenly apply hand sanitizer while at the function, before and after touching the surfaces. Rinse hands with good quality hand wash after eating. Also Read: Hand Sanitizer: All You Need To Know About This Water-less Disinfectant

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Face Masks:

Blue colour masks seemed boring when they made an entry in March but in the last few months, the designer masks announced their grand arrival. Masks made from different types of clothing including Kanjeevaram pattu, are now available and are often custom made to suit your expensive saree or dress. Creativity aside, masks really shield you from getting infected as this virus spreads faster through air droplets. Ensure wearing it all the time, as it can limit the infections related to various respiratory ailments, not just corona. If you are wearing one-time use masks, dispose properly and for a designer mask, wash them thoroughly and dry it under direct sunlight. 

Beauty Products:

Pick your beauty and cosmetic products carefully for the make-up. Do not use old cosmetic products but get new ones, as they are fresh and can avoid all sorts of contamination. Do not forget to use hand sanitizers while handling these products to contain the spread of infection from one surface to another. If you are planning to visit a spa or beauty parlour for the make-up, carry your own cosmetics. In case, if you have hired a beauty professional for visiting you at home, make sure they wear face shields while working on you. Clean all the brushes with water, rub sanitizer on the product surfaces to kill the virus. 

Food Hygiene:

If it is a wedding, it must be an elaborate spread. Even if you are hosting just 20 people, the food has to be catered from outside. Pick up the right caterer who has all safety norms in place and enquire thoroughly about their hygiene practices. According to various studies, fresh and hot food inactivates the virus and can kill certain microbes that can be potentially harmful to the overall health, not just the respiratory system. Go for eco-friendly crockery items like wooden plates, spoons, forks and glasses and dispose of properly. Also Read: COVID-19: Effective Ways To Follow To Keep Vegetables And Groceries Germ-Free

Social Distancing:

Social distancing is the new norm and practice be it at the office, supermarkets, public places, and even at weddings and functions. While it is disheartening not to hug your loved ones during the happy occasions, keep it in mind that these precautionary measures are the only way to escape from the clutches of this deadly virus. Be extra vigilant and cautious in the presence of senior adults and children as they are more susceptible to the virus. 

With little precautions and products at hand, host a wedding or any other happy occasion with your loved ones and cherish those beautiful memories forever.