On a blazing hot day at the peak of summer, in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the ubiquitous stationary makeshift tents and mobile carts selling “Elaneer”, meaning “Tender Coconut Water” in Tamil, the regional tongue widely spoken in this vicinity, are hard to miss.

This natural drink serves as a wonderful thirst quencher amidst the sweltering heat, being pure, unadulterated, sans additives, preservatives, in a raw packaging of the hard coconut shell.
tender coconut water

Elaneer/Coconut Water Nutritional Facts:

Elaneer or tender coconut water is a clear, colourless liquid with a subtle tinge of sweetness in taste. It is imbued with a treasure trove of wholesome nutrients, such as proteins, vitamins B, C, minerals magnesium, potassium, manganese and myriad potent antioxidants. Furthermore, it is high in water content, low in calories, with no trans fats, cholesterol, making it ideal for instantly hydrating the body and effortlessly incorporating into weight-loss diets.

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Aside from drinking elaneer just as such, coconut trees, being an abundant harvest bounty in Tamil Nadu, the sweet coconut water is also utilised in prepping numerous irresistible and appetizing desserts. Also Read: Tender Coconut: These Luscious, Velvety Desserts Will Make You Crave For More

One such vastly popular, indulgent sweet among kids and adults alike is elaneer payasam.

Delectable Elaneer Payasam Recipe:

“Elaneer Payasam”, which literally translates to “Tender Coconut Pudding” in the Tamil language, is a mouth-watering authentic South Indian dessert. With its origins in the beautiful, lush, agriculturally rich southern region of Tamil Nadu, there are many variations of preparing this delicious dish whilst traversing across the geographically diverse provinces within the state. These comprise the bustling coastal capital city of Chennai, the culturally flourishing interior Chettinad towns and the picturesque, verdant valleys and fields of Coimbatore, Madurai, wherein lies the heartland of true blue Tamilian cuisine.
elaneer payasam

How To Make Elaneer Payasam:

Read on, to unravel a super-easy recipe for elaneer payasam, that is also absolutely yummy and packed with nutrition.


1 cup elaneer i.e. tender coconut water

3 tbsp coconut pulp

2 cups milk

¼ cup jaggery powder

4 tiny cardamom pods

5 – 7 almonds, blanched


Heat milk on high flame in a deep-bottomed pan, so it begins to boil.

Add the jaggery powder and stir continuously, to obtain a uniform mixture.

Turn off the stove and allow it to cool down to room temperature.

Crush the cardamom pods using a mortar and pestle, to get a fine powder.

In a mixer, blend the tender coconut water, coconut pulp, cardamom powder and almonds, to get a slightly thick consistency.

Transfer this tender coconut paste to the sweetened milk and mix, until homogenous liquid forms.

Refrigerate the enticing elaneer payasam or tender coconut pudding for 2 - 3 hours and serve chilled.

Excellent Health Benefits Of The Components In Elaneer Payasam:

Tender Coconut Water For Electrolyte Balance

Elaneer or tender coconut water is overflowing with useful compounds for remedying instances of dehydration. It is rich in potassium, a key mineral that replenishes electrolytes, as well as ensures smooth conduction of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Moreover, it helps maintain normal blood pressure levels, to prevent hypertension.

Coconut Pulp For Digestive Health

Being a storehouse of dietary fibers, coconut pulp facilitates the prompt breakdown of ingested carbohydrates, proteins, for enhanced digestion and keeps gastrointestinal problems like heartburn, bloating at bay. It also has saturated lipids, that aid in better assimilation of vital fat-soluble vitamins A, D E and K.

Milk For Bone Strength

Milk possesses a chock-full of bone-fortifying constituents, namely proteins, essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. These work in synergy, to increase bone mineral density, reinforce joints and also protect the connective tissues from acquiring severe debilitating inflammatory ailments of osteoporosis, arthritis in the later years in life.

Cardamom For Sexual Drive

Instilled with ample aphrodisiac and stimulant properties, cardamom is a powerful spice that amplifies sexual activity, besides effectively tackling issues of erectile dysfunction. In addition, it holds an intrinsic alluring aroma and supplies loads of energy, to relieve fatigue, lethargy, uplift moods and boost reproductive wellness. Also Read: Elaichi: Marvellous Health Benefits Of This Aromatic Spice

Almonds For Heart Wellness

Almonds are bestowed with profuse quantities of valuable unsaturated fats, apart from vitamin E and the trace mineral zinc. These crucial nourishing elements are renowned for regulating cholesterol concentrations in blood, heart vessels, to augment cardiac functions, promote antioxidant activity and safeguard the body from illnesses including atherosclerosis and arrhythmia.


Elaneer payasam is indeed a luscious saccharine dessert that not only satisfies sweet tooth cravings but also confers umpteen incentives for physical fitness, mental wellness and sexual health.

So be it a grand wedding, an auspicious festival or just another lazy weekend, don on your aprons, chef’s hats and whip up this original South Indian tender coconut pudding, to relish with family and friends.