Helichrysum or Immortelle is a type of daisy plant bearing beautiful, golden yellow flowers that deliver a host of medicinal benefits. The word helichrysum is derived from the Greek word helios or sun and chrysos or gold that denotes the golden yellow flower. While the name Immortelle denotes flowers, which blossom for a longer period. It is largely grown in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe regions and the essential oil is abundant in all green parts of the plant, including stem and leaves, which is commonly used in aromatherapy. Helichrysum essential oil is touted for the healing effects of its fragrant compounds. The essential oil and dried flowers of Helichrysum are widely used in herbal medicines for ages. Helichrysum italicum is also called the curry plant as the leaves has a potent curry-like smell.

Herbal preparation of this plant is valuable in easing inflammation, speeds up the process of healing wounds, promote digestion, trigger the immune system, and calms the body and mind. Helichrysum essential oil owes a great reputation as a key ingredient in several skincare products. Packed with antioxidants it reduces free radical molecular damage and offers the skin cells with vital nutrients needed for skin regeneration and uplifts skin tone and complexion.

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Healing Properties of Helichrysum Essential Oil

The natural skin-soothing properties help to lessen skin irritation and redness.

Potent antioxidant activity averts detrimental toxins from damaging healthy skin cells, delays signs of ageing, skin dryness and fades away wrinkles and fine lines.

Laden with beneficial nutrients and antioxidants helichrysum oil produce collagen and elastin. Collagen is a key compound that maintains skin elasticity and durability making the skin firmer and youthful. While collagen and elastin also improve the skin’s natural healing abilities.

Strong antibacterial traits combat acne-causing bacteria and eliminate dead skin cells clogging the pores and make the skin blemish-free.

Natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects combat allergies, arthritis, and eczema.

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How To Use Helichrysum Essential Oil?

Helichrysum essential oil can be applied topically to the skin as a massage oil or added to water baths. Add a few drops of Helichrysum essential oil blend with a carrier oil like jojoba, sweet almond, or avocado oil.

Helichrysum essential oil is inhaled using a diffuser or vaporizer to ease headaches, soothe the mind and body.

Furthermore, helichrysum essential oil can also be combined well with several other essential oils like bergamot, chamomile, lavender, rose and tea tree oil that is used in aromatherapy.

However, remember helichrysum essential oil shouldn't be taken internally.

Do a small patch test on an insensitive part of the body and watch for any type of reaction before using.

Try some of the amazing DIY ideas using helichrysum essential oil after diluting with a carrier oil.
Helichrysum essential oil for skin