Food habits have changed a lot in the recent years. Gone are the days when healthy eating was prescribed only for those suffering from chronic conditions and people who ‘need’ it.Health Food Trends

Thanks to increased awareness, ‘the way we eat’ has witnessed a great deal of change that would adhere with the wellness, health and clean eating in 2018.   

Again, thanks to improved levels of awareness, many of us started asking pertinent questions about the food on our plate – Is it healthy, where is it grown, is it locally sourced and most importantly what did our ancestors eat?

And we seem to have found answers. Millets are no longer poor man’s food, ghee and cold pressed oils found their respectable spaces back in our kitchens, idlis are protein, carb loaded parathas, dosas and upma are no longer scoffed at - in fact they are instant energizers and greens in your kitchen garden are like your lifesavers that keep a check on infections.

With myths shattered in 2018, we are all eager to know what 2019 is all set to witness when it comes to healthy eating. Read on about the food trends and habits that impact all of us.

Gut Friendly:

Our gut reveals all about our wellness and foods that promote digestive health top the list. Fiber, prebiotic, probiotic are popular terms in the nutrition industry as they soothe trillions of microbes and good bacteria lurking in our intestinal tract to aid digestion. Eat asparagus, leeks, bananas, artichokes, oats, flaxseeds, wheat bran, curd, sauerkraut, kimchi, broccoli, beans, pulses for all the fibre, prebiotic and probiotics – all packed into one for a happy tummy in 2019.

Eat Local:

Locally sourced food gained popularity in 2018. The habit of eating locally sourced food dates to many centuries as locally grown is often available fresh, retaining all the nutrients and it is healthy to choose fruits and vegetables harvested in the season and there is no danger of artificial ripening. If it is harvested locally, your food tastes better, helps farming community and would sustain farming by aiding the economy.

Fat Is Good:

May sound weird and surprising but fats are not no longer banned. Low carb, high fat diets is gaining popularity as it makes the body improve its metabolic activity and burn more fuel, even while providing energy. Call it Keto diet, grain free diet, paleo diet it is no secret that these little tweaks in the habit of eating proved to be highly beneficial in regulating blood sugars, decreasing the risk of heart conditions and has widely helped patients with mental issues, all backed by science.

Look out for more coconut butter, butter coffees, ghee loaded snacks in 2019.

Plant Based Foods:

Plant based foods, supplements are not new in India, thanks to traditional Ayurveda but it is a global trend now. With more and more people turning vegetarian, vegan and renouncing meat eating, plant-based foods, supplements are sure to pick up pace in 2019.

Want to drink wheat grass juice for your daily dose of vitamin B, just get powder, stir it in water and gulp it down.

Expert tip for 2019:

Read Labels!

In 2018, it has a become a habit of sorts for many of us to read the labels on packed food before grabbing it off the shelves. The food regulation department has come up with stringent norms in the recent years making companies accountable for the food items produced and marketed by them. Reading in detail about the amount of sodium, protein, sugars, added sugars, number of calories is becoming popular with everyone to know more details about food they eat. And in 2019, it will be more of a norm than just a habit.