Today is Guru Purnima, a day traditionally dedicated to both academic and spiritual teachers, who help us in leading a full-filled, happy life. Also known as Vyasa Purnima, it falls on Ashada Purnima according to the Hindu calendar and is widely observed across India and in Nepal.

Guru Purnima is traditionally celebrated to mark the significance of spiritual teachers in our lives and their role in removing darkness, ignorance for a better evolvement at the soul level. Besides religious importance, it is also a practice among the Indian students across many schools, colleges and universities to honour the academicians, teachers as a mark of respect and gratitude, on this day.

We all know that a good teacher plays a crucial role in the wellbeing of a child. A child’s mental and emotional development starts at a very stage in their life and if nurtured by a teacher from a young age, a child can derive following benefits.

Guru Purnima

Constructive Mental Abilities:

A teacher always encourages the child in keeping the emotions under control, manage moods, talk positively, celebrate little joys of life. These thought processes will help the child in building a healthy, happy relationship with his family, friends and with colleagues even after growing up. It will also help them in appreciating the abilities of other people and also enable them in understanding their shortcomings.

Optimistic Outlook:

Many children tend to be optimistic by nature, but it is just the circumstances at the family, school and daily interactions with others can discourage them in successfully handling various tasks. In these days and times of cutthroat competition, it is important for every child to understand the importance of being positive. A teacher is always the right person in making a child feel positive and encouraging even while handling different challenges.

Develop Gratitude:

Being thankful for our blessings is the first step towards leading a happy life. Teachers should encourage children towards practicing gratefulness and the art of sharing with their friends. This quality also discourages a child from taking everything for granted, wastage of food and money and appreciate and feel content of their belongings.

Sharing Is Caring:

Several studies reveal that inculcating the habit of sharing from a very young age, will make a child grow into a healthy and happy individual. The teachers can play a major role in making the child understand the importance of making a positive difference in the lives of lesser privileged.

Build Physical Stamina:

These days schools and teachers are giving equal importance for both mental and physical fitness. A word of appreciation or a small story on the importance of health encourages a child in eating healthy, practicing hygiene and understand the importance of a fit body. Researchers believe that children in the age group of 5 to 10 feel more accountable to their teachers than parents and would follow their instructions without fail.