The salt and pepper look may be cool on George Clooney as it is a sign of aging for him but if you’re a youngster sporting these looks, it has all the reasons to bother you.

Man with Grey Hairs

 Premature greying of hair is one of the most annoying issues faced by teenagers these days, both boys and girls. Blame it on factors like stress, pollution or poor eating habits there is no denying that ‘one little strand’ of grey hair triggers panic in us and making us to seek medication instantly or turning to home remedies.

What causes premature greying of hair?

Genetics: It’s all in genetics, say doctors. According to studies, premature greying happens due to genetics. Talk to your parents or even grandparents on when they first spotted their grey hair. If they had it very early in their age, chances are there you too will do the same.

Malnutrition: Are you providing enough nutrition for your body? The right kind of wholesome diet with all nutrients will keep your hair, skin, nails and overall body healthy and beautiful. Ensure all kinds of nutrients to your body as it provides you with healthy, thick hair and helps in delaying the process of greying hair.

Stress: Stress is one of the main culprits that plays a crucial role in greying hair at a faster pace. It goes with very simple understanding – the more stressed you are, the more health gets affected. Try to relax, do deep breathing exercises and keep stress at an arm’s length if you avoid want to grey strands of hair. 

Lack of Vitamin B12: Deficiency of Vitamin B12 could be the reason if you are greying fast. Pack on Vitamin B12 rich diets like cereals, dairy products, eggs or try supplements to increase the levels and stop greying of the hair at the right time. 

Thyroid Dysfunction: Get your thyroid functioning to check if it is causing the issues with your hair. Both excessive and insufficient functioning of thyroid causes may alter with the skin and hair, reducing the amount of melanin thus causing those grey strands of hair. 

How to reverse premature greying: 

Eat Right: Eat food packed with proteins, carbs and right amounts of nutrition. Our skin and hair are made up of Keratin – a protein. Foods like spinach, dairy products, protein supplements will load enough strength to the roots of your hair and ensure not to lose its natural sheen. 

Use Right Shampoo: Stop using shampoos that are harsh on your hair. Read carefully about the ingredients, choose an organic shampoo as few products can affect pigmentation of your scalp and initiate greying.

Oil Your Hair: Dry and dehydrated hair may cause those grey strands due to lack of moisture. Apply warm coconut oil on to the scalp, massage gently and wash it after 2 hours. This provides enough moisture and nutrition to the hair and scalp. Also boil a fistful of curry leaves to hair oil before applying. This will delay greying of the hair.

Regular Massage: Massaging your hair regularly with natural oils will help tremendously. Mix iodized salt with black tea, gently massage and leave it for an hour. Wash it with plain water.

Rub almond oil mixed with amla and lemon juice on the scalp and leave it overnight to prevent premature greying.