Made plans for your summer vacation? The holiday season is fun, and a two-month break for schools and colleges, gives all of us an ample opportunity to travel along with the family.

And for this vacation if you have chosen to travel by flight, we will tell you how to make it more comfortable. Be it on a short flight in India or travelling abroad on a long flight, few easy-to-follow tips can make your flight journey memorable and feel refreshed during your holiday time.Mom and daughter eating while travelling in flight

Follow This Path For A Healthy Travel:

Things To Carry:

If you are travelling with family and kids, make sure you have these things in your hand baggage. Carry hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, ear plugs, vitamin C supplements and medications. If you are sensitive to sound, wearing ear plugs will help you while taking off and landing, while studies reveal that vitamin C supplements provide instant immunity against catching allergies and cold.

Air Pressure Issues:

Many of us suffer from severe ear pain or headache caused due to changes in the air pressure. The pain intensifies during take off and landing. Doctors suggest chewing on gums, swallowing water, eating a chocolate and wearing ear plugs to ease the pain. Ask your doctor for medication that can keep your Eustachian tubes open during flight journey and if it is right for you.

Stay Hydrated:

Air travels can make us severely dehydrated. Keep sipping on water to stay hydrated. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as it can dehydrate you further. If you have a severe dry throat, take cough medicines to sooth it instantly.

Engage Your Muscles:

If sitting for longer hours causes you cramps or if you are at the risk of developing clots (in the case of patients suffering from deep vein thrombosis), take small breaks. Take a small walk, stretch your legs, calf muscles. Talk to your doctor if compression socks would help.

Eat Healthy:

Few flights may not allow you to carry your own food, unless you are travelling with children. But you can have some dried fruits, granola bars, juices in less than 500 ml quantity that can help you maintain your healthy diet. Avoid caffeine and alcohol while travelling as it can cause nausea and increase dehydration.