Herbs have been a part of Indian culture for the longest of times. With an incredible array of as many as 600 beneficial herbs available to us, one of the most used herbs globally, Ginkgo Biloba, also known as maidenhair, is native to China. An antioxidant-rich herb, it is also the only surviving member of an ancient order of plants and one of the oldest living tree species, earning it the living fossil's title. Most ginkgo products are made with extract from their fan-shaped leaves. Traditional Chinese medicines adore ginkgo extract for its myriad wellness benefits, specifically, its uses in treating Alzheimer's and improving brain function. 

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One of the popular herbal supplements nowadays is made from Ginkgo Biloba extract, which is collected from dried green leaves of the plant. It is available in liquid, capsules, and tablet form.

Ginkgo plant extracts are said to treat the following disorders: 

  • Improve blood-related ailments and infections
  • Fight memory loss problems
  • Augment cardiovascular function
  • Benefits eye health
  • Aid cognitive function
  • Soothe bladder infection

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Ginkgo's apparent ability to increase blood flow to various parts of the body besides removing free radicals from the body, owing to its antioxidant benefits, is one of the prime reasons for many of its health and wellness benefits. There are some specific health conditions apart from the ones mentioned above in which ginkgo extract has shown tremendous results in reducing inflammation and curing symptoms such as arthritis, irritable bowel disease, cancer, heart diseases, and brain stroke. 

Mesmerizing Skin Benefits Of Gingko Biloba

Not just health, green fan leaves of this fabulous herb are loaded with skin and aphrodisiac benefits. It is fantastic to know that the extract of these leaves contains more than 40 components that can provide many skin benefits! Some of these power-packed ones are:


Terpenoids improve the blood flow and sebaceous secretions that will enhance tissue irrigation, thus protecting your skin from issues like acne, eczema, skin sensitivity, and rosacea and helps with skin healing process by increasing the production of collagen.


Ginkgo provides many antioxidant benefits thanks to its high levels of flavonoids such as quercetin. This antioxidant combats and neutralises free radicals that cause aging as well as limiting the damage from the sun rays on the skin.

Vitamin C

Ginkgo Biloba is extremely rich in Vitamin E, which prevents skin from many skin ailments and pimples. Vitamin E also augments skin elasticity making it soft and supple.

Anti-Bacterial Components

Ginkgo Biloba leaves have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which helps to treat acne, eczema, or other types of facial redness and inflammation.


Ginkgo biloba leaf extracts aid your skin in balancing its melanin content, thus improving skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation or vitiligo.

Aren't all these skin benefits super cool? Want to know more about the magical properties of Ginkgo Biloba? Foray into this infographic to know the potential wellness benefits this stupendous herb offers.
Ginko Biloba Extracts For Good Health