The monsoon season brings much-needed relief from the summer heat. The sudden changes in the climate affect your immunity drastically and make you liable to a variety of illness such as flu, cold and fever. The rise in infection and allergies during monsoon season is because of the prevalence of bacteria and germ in the air. It is vital to take preventive measures to combat illness and boost immunity.

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The aroma, the taste, and the touch of ginger in our throat make the perfect drink to refresh your body during monsoon season. But you may not know the magical benefits of ginger. Ayurveda recommends the use of ginger to cure and prevent various health problems.
ginger health benefits

Vital Health Benefits Of Ginger:

Improves Blood Circulation

Ginger, a rich source of chromium, magnesium and zinc improves the overall blood flow. It is a natural vasodilator that opens the blood vessel. It also helps to prevent fever, excessive sweating and chills.  

Treats Cold & Flu

Ginger is known to have medicinal properties that help in protecting against the flu and cold. The antibacterial and antiviral properties of ginger help deal with the flu virus. The gingerol and shagol compounds present in ginger stimulates the perspiration and reduces body temperature, heals pain & irritation caused by flu. Flu weakens the digestive system, consumption of ginger stimulates the appetite and digestion.  

Natural Expectorant

Coughing and congestion are common problems during the Monsoon. Ginger's expectorant properties loosen the mucus from the lungs. It soothes the lung tissues. The oleoresins in ginger prevent the formation of excess mucus. It also breaks down and removes mucus which speeds up recovery and difficulty in breathing.  

Strengthens The Immune System 

Ginger is a potent antioxidant that boosts the immune system naturally. The antimicrobial properties in ginger kill bacteria including salmonella, it works as an antiseptic both internally and topically. The enzyme zingibain in ginger dissolves parasites and their eggs. 

How To Make Ginger Tea:

This recipe for ginger tea works wonders for pacifying sore throat in the damp rainy season, besides providing instant pain relief from migraines, muscle aches and body pain. It also significantly bolsters immune system functions and aids in digestion.

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ginger tea


2 cups of water 

3 medium slices of ginger (crushed)

2 tsp black tea leaves

2 tsp jaggery powder

3 tbsp milk


Heat water in a pan.

Once the water comes to a boil, add ginger in it and let it boil for a minute on low heat.

Add tea leaves and sugar and again boil for a minute.

Now add milk and let the tea boil for another minute.

Strain using a tea strainer and serve immediately.


Ginger possesses several nutritional elements, including anti-inflammatory compounds, gingerol antioxidants and vitamins B, C that vastly alleviate joint pain in arthritis, boost immunity and treat cough and cold. Jaggery is rich in iron, a vital trace mineral essential for healthy red blood cell synthesis and transport in the body. Being high in calcium and proteins, milk fortifies bones and helps build strong muscles.

Ginger Oil For Monsoon Maladies:

Ginger oil is especially beneficial during monsoon as it triggers the immune system naturally and keeps the body free from diseases. It offers relief from several respiratory ailments that are common in the rainy season. It works as a natural supplement for cough, cold, fever, or flu symptoms, body aches and many more. The aroma, taste, and tingle of ginger oil in the throat cures sore throat, and cough. Ginger oil facilitates the clearing of toxins, stimulate digestion, eases the discomfort of the stomach and regularise bowel movements.

Aromatherapy: Ginger oil can be used in a diffuser that promotes concentration and calms stress, anxiety, fatigue, and dizziness.

Skin: Ginger oil soothes irritation, redness, eliminates pathogens, delays the signs of ageing and revamps skin glow and radiance. Aside from this, it also helps to even the skin tone and diminishes tan and pigmentation.

DIY Ginger Oil Concoction:

In a cup of warm water, add half a teaspoon turmeric, few crushed peppers, half a tablespoon of ginger juice and little honey. Drink this in the morning and evening time to boost immunity and manage with changing weather during monsoon.