October 1 is International Day For Older Persons, a day dedicated for the elderly people. Indian culture and family values place a great emphasis on taking care, being supportive of grand parents or parents in their old age.

A girl consoling a old woman

Showing respect, love and affection is a way of being thankful and appreciating their contribution in shaping our lives as parents, grandparents and guardians.  

Geriatric Care, referred as the ‘senior health care management’ has become quite popular in the recent years. A relatively new specialty in the field of medicine, geriatrics deals with health and medical care for the elderly.

Here are few tips on how to take care of the older people at the fag end of their lives and make them feel happy. 

Care With Love: Love and affection is all what the elderly need at the ripe age. Little gestures like a warm hug, a daily interaction for at least 5 minutes, comforting in pain will go a long way in making older people feel happy and healthy. Caring with love is the best way to show our appreciation towards them.

Be Supportive: A majority of the elderly above the age of 65 suffer from at least 3 health problems. Do not let them feel the loss of independence, unable to drive and travel etc., Make time to go for a small walk or a drive with your aged parents or plan a visit to their favourite temple, place of worship for peace and happiness.

Mental Health: Depression, anxiety, hallucinations are common problems related to the age. Watch for the signs like weakness, extra forgetfulness, lack of direction, extreme sadness or anger. Monitor the mental health to avoid them getting into depression and sudden bouts of anxiety. Assure support with kind words and help to overcome fears.

Talk To Doctor: Talk to the your family physician or consulting experts in detail about the prescribed medications, their side effects, emergency care etc. Medication for the elderly is a complex affair especially if they suffer from multiple problems. Learn more about the right schedule to administer medications and follow it diligently.

Make Changes: Making small changes in the house can save the elderly from getting injured, tripping and falling. Remove all cluttered furniture and make space for them to move around. Install grab bars near the toilet, shower, arrange for non-skid mats in the slippery areas of the house.