Flowers come in a myriad of vivid colours, sizes, and types and each one not only adorning the house but also confer a host of wellness incentives. These fragrant blooms are used largely for natural rejuvenation, perfumery, aromatherapy and in a spectrum of beauty care regimens. The holistic system of Ayurveda has always valued the indispensable healing properties of flowers, beside their mesmerising fragrance and aroma. Well, flowers are used as sure shot remedies in treating several health maladies and what not, flowers not only look beautiful in the hair but can also make your skin look radiant and glowing too.

Bright flowers support to boost spirits, which may reflect on your skin beauty and health. The power of flowers to restore, repair and revamp your skin and hair health from the inside out is magical. These blossoms are used for multiple purposes, to brew a refreshing cup of tea, a calming massage oil, lotion, soap, creams, face wash and even offer a burst of flavours to many recipes. Flowers are bestowed with natural power in treating skin woes and are the mainstay of the beauty and skincare industry.

Beauty Benefiting Properties Of Flowers


Roses are the symbol of love and beauty, that they top the list when it comes to enhancing skin health. Rose extracts and water are pure and have no harsh chemicals and help to maintain the skin's pH balance. While the astringent properties help to unclog the pores and avert blackheads and whiteheads. It is suitable for all types of skin and keeps the skin fresh, supple and fades away wrinkles.

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 This brightly coloured flower is endowed with a wealth of beauty benefits. Often famed as nature’s Botox, hibiscus flower is a storehouse of antioxidants, Alpha-hydroxy acids that makes the skin look toned, avert signs of ageing, and locks the moisture.

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Marigold or Calendula work wonder for healing sunburn, warts, blisters, and dry skin. Packed with flavonoids these orange florals promote cell regeneration and maintain skin integrity.


Lavender flower comes with a strong fragrance that is calming and energising for the body and mind. These lilac flowers contain vitamins and antioxidants which uplifts the skin’s natural radiance and glow.


Jasmine, your all-time favourite flower works incredibly well for all types of skin. This fragrant white blossom locks the moisture into the skin, shields the skin against pollutants and keep skin problems at bay.

Well, flowers can not only heal and restore skin but can also hydrate and keep skin woes at bay. Try some of these DIY recipes right away for a youthful and beautiful skin.

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5 Flower Masks For A Beautiful Skin