Figs or Anjeer, as it is known in India is an intensely sweet fruit imbued with numerous crunchy seeds. Fig trees belong to the Mulberry family and are scientifically termed as Ficus carica. As it is dense in sugar, it is praised as nature’s candy, a native to the Middle East Asian countries and it is also cultivated in India. Also Read: Fig/Anjeer: Nutrition, Ayurvedic, Therapeutic Benefits And Uses For Skin And Hair Health

Anjeer can be consumed fresh or dried and are available in different colours ranging from purple, golden yellow, red and green. Dried ones are available all through the year.

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Anjeer is a deciduous tree or shrub which means it loses greenery during the fall and grows new leaves in the spring season. It has a sweet, mild flavour, soft, fleshy and succulent paste of the fruit is tweaked as a healthy substitute for corn syrup or sucrose. Figs are used to make delicious jams, and also added in pies, cakes pudding and rolls.

Figs are low on calories with just 47 calories and zero fat making it an ideal snack to relish while on a weight loss diet plan. The goodness of dietary fibre in figs keeps you satiated, eases constipation and regulates blood pressure and blood sugar level. According to a study published in the American college of nutrition, dried figs contain high-quality antioxidants which scavenge cells from oxidative damage.

Dried figs are imbued with vast reserves of nutrients such as magnesium, manganese, calcium, iron, zinc and potassium and vitamins like A, C, K and B. Richness of calcium in anjeer aids to promote bone strength and beat osteoporosis and iron help in improving the haemoglobin level and correct anaemia.

Foray this infographic to know more about the wellness benefits of anjeer.

Anjeer health benefits