You must have come across instances where your friends or family members would have casually held your hand while posing for a picture at a get-together and commented on how it was really hot to the touch.

Yes, you guessed it right. This is indeed a condition of body heat, which is experienced commonly by many people, be it during the blazing hot summers or chilly winters.

The normal temperature of the human body is 98.60 F or 370 C. However, due to certain external environmental factors, improper diet, hygiene practices and underlying medical ailments, a state arises where excessive heat is absorbed by a person, leading to a rise in body temperature. This is called heat stress.

The most common causes of heat stress include lack of adequate fluid intake i.e. dehydration, working or spending extended periods of time in confined spaces or air-conditioned surroundings which are often poorly ventilated and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, particularly around noon. In addition, eating very spicy food, not showering immediately after a workout and suffering from disorders like hyperthyroidism, arthritis also contributes to extreme heating up of the body.
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Heat stress often interferes with your ability to perform daily activities, as it leads to symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, nausea and headaches. In certain cases, it can also result in acute signs of muscle cramps, severe exhaustion and heart problems. In such severe occurrences, it is advised to take immediate steps and seek prompt medical care, to bring down the body temperature to the normal range.

On the other hand, in minor instances of your body heating up, you can adopt some simple yet highly effective home remedies, to reduce the heat in your body and bring a soothing, cooling effect to your system.

Home Remedies To Cool Down Your System During Heat Stress:

Tender Coconut Water

This natural drink revitalizes your body as it has an inherent cooling effect. Besides, it replenishes the system with essential vitamins, trace minerals and electrolytes that are lost during heat, sweat and stress conditions of the body. Having one glass of tender coconut water efficiently soothes the internal organs as well, especially during scorching summers.

Aloe Vera Gel

After showering, applying the gel extracted from the aloe vera plant brings out an immediate calming effect to the worn-out tissues on skin cells of an overheated body. The inner layers of aloe vera consist mainly of water and few vital vitamins and minerals, which leave a comforting effect on the deeper layers of skin as well.

Peppermint Leaves

The high content of menthol in peppermint produces a chilling effect on the cells of the body, assisting in lowering the elevated body temperatures. Simply add a few peppermint leaves while sipping on a cup of a hot tea or cold lemonade, and you can be assured of an instant chilling feel in your body.

Chilled Buttermilk

This age-old homemade drink straight out of your grandmother’s kitchen features right on top of the list of cooling foods. Buttermilk is packed with probiotics, which function to stimulate digestion in a heated-up stomach. Enjoy a glass of chilled buttermilk garnished with some coriander leaves to pacify your body in situations of heat stress.

Cold Shower

As soon as you are back home from work or the gym, take a shower in cold water. This helps to remove all the sweat sticking on to you, which contribute to increasing heat in the body. Moreover, immersing your feet in cold water filled with ice cubes for merely ten minutes will appease a tremendously heated body.

Hydrating Diet

Consciously incorporate cooling fruits like watermelons, pomegranates and strawberries with your breakfast to calm your body cells from heat stress. For lunch and dinner, have fresh vegetable salads with cucumber, as well as a bowl of yoghurt, as they supply essential anti-inflammatory compounds to assuage the internal organs in your overly hot system.

Regular Exercise

Needless to say, performing simple breathing exercises can help to regulate sweating in your body, and effectively lower your temperature. Moreover, a mere fifteen minutes of meditation and yoga every day can promote a pacifying effect in your heated body cells and nerves, to boost your physical and mental health.
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Useful Tips On How To Reduce Body Heat:

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Being dressed in tight-fitting attires, whether you are travelling, busy at work or just lazing in your home, generates surplus heat in the body tissues. Don convenient apparel, in light-weight, breathable, natural fabrics like linen, cotton and avoid wearing skinny denim jeans, synthetic nylon or rayon clothing, to stay cool and calm.

Apply Cold Compress

The extremities of the body, namely, the feet, toes, fingers, hands are all highly sensitive to temperature changes. In addition to certain pressure points such as the neck, wrists, chest, face and temples, where the veins run near the external surface of the skin. Placing them in chilled water or in contact with an ice pack induces coldness, lowering heat stress.

Sip On Iced Tea

At the end of a long day spent outdoors, particularly exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, the body is exhausted and worn out, besides generating undue amounts of heat. Drinking a glass of iced tea, with some lemon and honey, not only instantly refreshes the body and energizes the mind, but also decreases inherent heat in the system.


The above basic care tips will soothe your body cells at high temperatures, monitor your levels of sweat to ensure too much of essential fluids are not drained, and hence prevent you from feeling tired or even fainting.

Although, when you sense that your body temperature is not subsiding for a long time even after taking appropriate cooling measures, it is recommended to consult your doctor or physician at once, especially if you are above the age of 65, below the age of 5, or have an underlying medical condition.