The recent decade has seen enormous explosion of technology which has tremendous impact on the lifestyle, especially among the young children. Regular toys for children and teenagers have slowly been replaced by electronic devices and gadgets.

children can get addicted to digital devices

Digital addiction could further be categorized into three major types namely:

1)      Phone Addiction,

2)      Addiction to Social Media

3)      Internet Addiction. 

Addiction to excessive usage of smart phones has been linked to depression, anxiety and a socially challenged personality which forces them for continuous usage of device for their self comfort. Addiction to social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. has been proved to be linked to decline in satisfactory feelings, lack of inner peace and happiness. Exposure to new technologies is however, equally essential for younger generation. So, it must be optimized such that the proven negatives do not overtake the coupled benefits.

Furthermore, children exposed to microwave radiation, the way all wireless devices send and receive data, are at higher risks of developing neurological disorders and impairment of brain and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The long term exposure of these radiations has been found to be associated with development of brain and heart cancers. Research findings highlight the release of dopamine during gaming process which induces drug-like cravings in the brain, thus making the individual addicted to video games. Further, multiple clinical evidences have correlated the exposure of screen time with disorders like ADHD, anxiety and depression.