Beautifully scented blooms not only ornate the interiors of your house but also some of them augment your health and overall wellness. Commonly termed as “Edible Flowers”, which simply indicates that the flowers were grown in a food-safe way, without the use of harmful pesticides or other chemicals.

Although they are not commonly used in our daily household cooking, some flowers which are marked safe to eat are used in many different styles of cuisines all over the world.

These blossoms can offer a unique burst of flavour and tint to many dishes, including rice, smoothies, sauces, and beverages. Some of them filled with vital nutrients can even provide an array of health benefits when brewed as a tea, concocted as a jam, or just sprinkled over salads or juices.

Imbued with antioxidants, vitamins, and bioactive components, these flowers offer innumerable health benefits. Right from boosting digestion, relieving stress and anxiety, managing diabetes, lowering cholesterol, promoting heart health, augmenting skin, and improving menstrual health, these edible flowers offer a one-stop remedy for all. And the best part is, some of them you can even grow in your kitchen garden and use them for enhancing the taste and therapeutic value of gourmet meals. Also Read: Jasmine: 5 Astonishing Benefits Of Adding This Incredible Flower To Your Diet

So what are you waiting for? Foray through the infographic to know about the health benefits of these fascinating edible flowers and use them in your favourite cuisine next time to please your guests.