Ear infection is a very common condition amongst children aged 3 years or less.

Ear Infections in Kids

Known as otitis media, it causes painful burning sensation in the middle section of the ear and this condition could be bacterial or viral caused due to lack of proper healthcare and cleanliness.

Ear infections in children are troublesome as it is difficult for children or infants to tell where it hurts. Therefore, the following signs may help understand if a child or an infant is having an ear infection. The symptoms include, irritability, loss of appetite, sleep apnea, fever, draining fluid from the ear, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, being clingy and crying more than usual.

If an infant is showing any of these signs or been sick with fever, it is recommended to see a pediatrician for potential ear infections. Doctors may provide antibiotics and keep the child under observation if diagnosed with an ear infection between the ages of 6 months and 2 years. The signs may however, disappear within 48-72 hours if the condition is not severe.


To prevent ear infections, parents should use certain home remedies like warm compress, warm oil, keeping hydrated, general cleansing eardrops, and elevating the head.

Besides these remedies, the infection can be prevented through vaccination, healthy and clean environment, avoiding second-hand smoke, and proper bottle position during feeding.

Breastfeeding in the babies for initial 12 months is also instructed as a preventive measure from developing ear infections in children and infants.