Being photo-ready doesn’t always mean doing up a beautiful dress, a nice hairdo, and glamorous make-up, what you need is a dazzling white smile to make it picture-perfect. A smile with a perfect set of white teeth is one of the most important ‘social assets’ that people are in pursuit of achieving. But alas, it’s that one dream that’s hard to get. Things like caffeine, red wine, berries, colas, and even antibiotic side effects keep people from maintaining the brightness of those pearly whites. Additionally, even gastrointestinal issues, liver problems, and addiction to tobacco leaves a yellowish tinge on the teeth.

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Hence, people are always on the lookout for some quick solution or treatment to brighten their teeth. It’s no surprise that the market is overflowing with various teeth whitening products. But if you are a fan of natural remedies and want to steer clear of the chemicals in solutions from the store-bought ones or don’t want to blow your bank account with professional teeth whitening appointments, do trust us when we say, that all you need is a handful of kitchen ingredients that are an absolute saviour of your pearly whites. One such incredible ingredient, that is literally a hero for achieving a bright smile is Baking Soda.

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How Does Baking Soda Benefit Your Teeth?

Baking Soda, chemically known as Sodium carbonate is a fine white powder that does a lot more than just rise the bread dough. Well, for decades baking soda has been used by people as an alternative to regular toothpaste. Not only does it brighten the teeth but also inhibits harmful bacteria from growing within the oral cavities by creating an alkaline environment. Due to its impressive tooth whitening qualities, it is the most essential ingredient in formulating toothpaste.

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What More?

  • Reduces plaque
  • Removes stains and residues from the teeth
  • Prevents gingivitis
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria
  • Free of fluoride toxicity
  • Cost-effective option

Well, now that you are well-acquainted with the superb qualities of baking soda, why not whip up these cool homemade toothpastes to get on track to the bright, stain-free teeth you've always wanted.
Teeth whitening paste ingredients

Home-made Teeth Whitening Paste

Turmeric-Baking Soda Toothpaste


1 tsp baking soda

Pinch of turmeric

2 drops of clove essential oil


Mix the ingredients to get a smooth paste

Take it on your toothbrush.

Brush your teeth properly for 2 minutes.

Let the paste on your teeth for 5 minutes

Rinse with plain water.

Follow this up with a second brushing using a regular tooth paste

Use it every day for effective results.

How It Works:

Being a well-known anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herb, turmeric powder alongside baking soda not only prevents gingivitis but also helps remove plaque, bacteria, and gum inflammation. Imbued with anesthetic effects, clove oil numbs the pain from a toothache and also prevents cavities.

Coconut Oil-Baking Soda Paste


1tsp coconut oil

1tsp baking soda

1 drop of peppermint essential oil


Whip the ingredients to get a smooth paste.

Use your fingertip to apply the paste on your teeth.

Slowly brush your teeth with the paste.

Rinse with plain water.

Follow this up with a second brushing using a regular tooth paste.

For best results, use it thrice a week.

How It Works:

Since the ancient times, coconut oil has been used for promoting tooth health. The magic combination of coconut oil and baking soda not only reduces bad bacteria in the mouth but also prevents gingivitis and tooth decay, and gets rid of foul breath. Known for its superb cooling and numbing characteristics, peppermint essential oil can effectively soothe tooth and muscle aches and also combat oral pathogens that lead to gum diseases and cavities.

Charcoal-Baking Soda Paste


1 tsp activated charcoal

1 tsp baking soda

2 drops of spearmint essential oil


Mix the powders and lemon juice to get a smooth paste.

Apply it all over the teeth using your index finger.

Allow it to stay for 5 minutes.

Rinse with plain water.

Follow this up with a second brushing using a regular tooth paste.

For best results, use it on alternative days

How It Works:

Thanks to its mild abrasive nature, activated charcoal is one of the best ways to achieve white teeth. Not only does the dynamic duo of charcoal and baking soda remove superficial stains and makes the teeth appear whiter but also clears away accumulated plaque. The antimicrobial properties of spearmint essential oil prevents periodontal disease, inhibits cavities, and provides relief from toothaches besides bestowing a cool and refreshing breath.