Smile defines it all. Your moods, emotions and true feelings. But let us move on from that philosophical talk. One thing, people tend to certainly notice when you smile or talk is your lips and who doesn’t want to have those perfectly shaped, voluptuous lips. Wait! We know that it is a dream for many women and before you think that it’s not possible, why don’t we urge you to read further?

Although plump lips have been in trend for quite some time now, many women still crave the look as possessing a fuller, natural-looking pout can add depth and appeal to your kissers without making them look too showy!
DIY Lip Plumpers

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Well, if you are wondering that the surgical option or fillers might drain out your pockets, worry not, we are taking you down the natural path free of side effects. Cue in, Lip Plumpers, a make-up essential that bequeaths you with luscious, full lips.

Lip plumper usually works by mildly irritating the skin around the lips and widening the capillaries, enabling more blood to flow through the lips, giving them that extra volume and plump look.

Although lip plumpers are now available at any store, if you want a tailored one suiting your skin's particular need, you can just DIY it right at home.

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Pink, plump lips aren't arduous to acquire at all, especially if you've got a few fundamental ingredients laying around and a stick of cinnamon.

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How Does Cinnamon Make Your Lips Look Plump?

Well, the essential oil of cinnamon contains cassia oil which has numerous uses. It acts as a calming agent while preventing the skin from any harm when applied topically. However, it agitates the mucus membrane when applied to the lips resulting in a gush of blood rushing to the lips bestowing a temporary plumping effect while making the lips fuller and voluminous. Cinnamon is one of the cheapest, safest, and most natural ways to attain a plump lip that usually costs quite a bit of fortune.

Without further ado, let’s adjust our chef hat and formulate these easy-to-whip lip plumpers’ to get that enticing fuller look.

DIY Lip Plumpers

Ginger-Coconut Oil Lip Plumper


⅓ tsp cinnamon oil

⅓ tsp ginger powder

½ tsp cayenne pepper

1 drop of peppermint essential oil

1 tsp coconut oil


Mix cayenne powder, ginger, and cinnamon powder in a small bowl

Add peppermint oil and coconut oil to the powders

Mix everything adequately and apply to your lips

Massage with the paste for 2-5 minutes and then wash it off

How It Works

Be it ginger, cayenne, peppermint, or cinnamon oil, all the ingredients mildly irritate the lips a bit and boost blood flow to it making them plump and luscious.
Organic Lip Plumpers

Beeswax-Olive Oil Lip Plumper


1 tsp cinnamon oil

2 tsp beeswax

6 tsp olive oil

1 tsp vitamin E oil

A small container


Melt both olive oil and beeswax in a double boiler

Add cinnamon and vitamin E oil to this and blend well

Transfer the contents to an air-tight container and allow it cool

Use it as a regular lip balm for plump lips

How It Works:

The dynamic duo of beeswax and olive oil work magically for bestowing you with fuller lips in no time. Not only do they moisturize the lips and enhance their texture but also make them look attractive.

Cocoa-Almond Oil Lip Plumper


2 tbsp raw cocoa butter

3- 4 drops of cinnamon oil

2 tsp almond oil

A small jar


Melt the cocoa butter in a double boiler

Add almond oil and cinnamon oil to the bowl and stir well

Pour the mixture into a jar

Apply it to your lips before stepping out

How It Works:

Imbued with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, both cocoa and almond oil help impede the signs of premature ageing while keeping your kissers moist, nourished and beautiful.