With various viral infections spreading at a faster pace in recent times, it has become of utmost importance to keep our hands and body clean and sanitized. While we use, body washes and soaps to purify our body, it is our hands that come in touch to every other thing loaded with germs in our day to day activities.
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Although most of us still prefer using the age-old soap and water formula to wash our hands, these sanitizers come in handy when we need to clean our palms before eating something while we are travelling, sitting inside vehicles or if there is no bathroom or availability of water nearby. Moreover, kids are most likely to touch their face or put their fingers in their mouths no matter how much we prompt them not to. Hence, to prevent the spreading of infections and getting contaminated by germs, it’s better to always have a travel-friendly sized bottle of sanitizer while on the go.
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Benefits Of Using A Hand Sanitizer:

The first and foremost benefit of keeping a hand sanitizer is that it disinfects your hands while on the go and is effective in eliminating at least 99% of germs. Moreover, being pocket-friendly and easy to carry, these disinfectants are saviours in situations where there is no water. Additionally, the homemade variety can be formulated using additives like aloe vera gel, essential oils that are actually good for the skin and moisturizes and hydrates it effectively. Unlike the soap and water technique, sanitizers are less time consuming and they work quickly on the hands to kill the pathogens. Also, being 99% effective, these sanitizers are a boon for children and adults alike as they protect one from different types of gastrointestinal troubles and other infections due to bacteria and viruses.

Homemade sanitizers can usually be a mix and match of 3-4 ingredients, the main ingredient obviously being the rubbing alcohol, i.e. isopropyl alcohol that not only kills germs but also helps preserve the other herbal contents of the sanitizer. Next, you should add a moistening agent such as aloe vera gel which keeps your hands hydrated. The third ingredient can be either one or two essential oils of your choice, preferably anti-bacterial and antiseptic ones that aids in shielding the hands from bacterias and viruses and also impart a refreshing aroma to it.

Make your own batch of sanitizers, using easily available ingredients right at home, to keep infections and germs at bay.

Ingredients to make hand sanitizer

Olive and Rose Oil Sanitizer


1 tbsp rubbing alcohol

1/2 cup aloe vera gel

2 tsp olive oil

10 drops clove essential oil

10 drops citronella essential oil

2-3 drops of rose essential oils (just for scent)


Mix the aloe vera gel, rubbing alcohol and olive oil in a mixing bowl.

Put the essential oils and give it a nice stir until it turns into a smooth semi-liquid paste.

Store it in pump bottles to use it in the future.


The powerful antiseptic and disinfectant properties of clove and citronella oil not only prevent the active growth and spread of germs but also prevents the sitting of flies and mosquitoes when applied on the hand. The aloe vera gel provides a moisturising effect whereas rose oil gives an aromatic fragrance to the sanitizer.

Witch Hazel And Tea Tree Oil Sanitizer


10 tbsp of aloe vera

1/2 tsp of vitamin E oil

5 tbsp of witch hazel or rubbing alcohol

20 drops of lavender essential oil

2 tsp of tea tree essential oil


Mix aloe vera gel and witch hazel in a small bowl.

Add the essential oils to it.

Mix it properly to get a smooth gel-like consistency.

Store it in a pump bottle for future use.


The main ingredient aloe vera hydrates and nourishes the skin. Witch hazel gives an astringent like effect so that the sanitizer gets absorbed faster. Thanks to the potent antibacterial properties of both tea-tree and lavender essential oil, the sanitizer not only evades infection-causing germs but also moisturises the hands.

Cinnamon and Lemon Oil Sanitizer


1 tbsp rubbing alcohol

1/2 cup aloe vera gel

1/2 tsp glycerine

10 drops cinnamon essential oil

10 drops lemon essential oil

Distilled water

2-3 drops of jojoba essential oils (for fragrance)


Mix the aloe vera gel, rubbing alcohol and glycerine in a mixing bowl.

Add the cinnamon, jojoba, and lemon essential oil to it.

Add some amount of distilled water and mix the ingredients to get a watery gel-like fluid.

Store it in small spray bottles for making it travel-friendly.


Both cinnamon and lemon essential oils are good for rashes and infections. The cool soothing nature of the sanitizer even enhances blood circulation in the hands and provides relief from insect bite stings. Aloe vera gel locks in the moisture assists healing and dodge different types of germs, whereas the jojoba oil imparts an invigorating flowery smell.