Gone are the days, when people used to wake up and greet everyone good morning personally, get the daily news by reading newspapers and just liked to sit and chit chat with their loved ones. With the modern tech devices, smart phones and new age technologies, most people wake up to check out the notifications in their smart phones, get the daily news feed in different devices and greet friends and family good morning through a text message or a tweet.

From smart phones, smart screens, watches that ping about different online notifications, our lives are intertwined with these digital gadgets. Additionally, throughout the day we are constantly checking out our smart phones, posting pictures about daily activities, clicking the like or dislike button on other people’s post, checking mails, and sometimes even cribbing and waiting for getting plenty of views. And in these difficult times, due to the coronavirus pandemic, now more than ever people have become constantly dependent on these techie devices.

Digital detox guide

Although these electronic gadgets may be incredibly useful, educational, enable one to get connected to everyone across the world and undoubtedly allow us much creativity, connectivity and enjoyment, it does distract one during the working hours, or study time and diminish productivity. Every new notification, tweet or text triggers the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain that drives us to seek rewards, so one keeps coming back for more. This vicious cycle of overusing technology is even taking a toll on the health and well-being of an individual by changing sleeping patterns, negatively affecting the relationships and quite often diminish one’s self-esteem. Several studies and surveys have reported an association of these devices with depression, anxiety, and decreased marital satisfaction.

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But to break free from this dangerous circle, one need not have to stay in the woods or require an anguishing separation by throwing away the gadgets, a simple detox technique is enough to relax the brain and recharge the body. Just like a normal detox food, like juices, kadhas or soup, a digital detox refers to a small-time period during which a person averts from using any technological devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, televisions, and social media sites. This detoxification process often helps in bringing back the focus on to real-life social interactions and communications sans any distractions from the interactive multimedia system. By forgoing digital devices, at least temporarily, one can unwind from the social media, and unravel for good.

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If the thought of missing one notification makes you break out in a cold sweat, you might be due for a digital detox and this article brings you a 101 guide to do so.

Fundamental Guide For A Digital Detox

Lay Some Basic Ground Rules 

Once you prep up for taking the digital detox, chalk out some realistic ground rules that you would follow and under no circumstances refrain from the path midway.

Start Small

After fabricating a plan for yourself, take baby steps to start the detox process. This can be anything from switching off the notifications of a particular app, silencing the phone during study or working hours, swearing off screens after dark or after dinner, or even unsubscribing from email newsletters that clutter the inbox.

Get Creative

Once you have abstained from several screens, you might find yourself with a couple of extra hours that you never had. This is the time to get creative and do what you always kept post-postponing due to the shortage of time. Be it drawing, reading a book, picking up some new language, learning up a new skill, working out to get fitter or simply spending some quality time with our family and loved ones, anything and everything can benefit your overall health and well-being. The memories of those cute little moments spent doing some creative artwork or having a fun time with your loved ones are far more precious and perfect than a filtered selfie.

Weigh The Benefits

While going through the digital detox process, you are bound to notice the small changes throughout your mind and body. Once you start limiting screen use, you might discover that your circadian rhythm or your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle has changed, i.e.  you are getting sleepy quite early and having a peaceful sleep at night. This undoubtedly helps relieves mental stress, relaxes the body and mind, promotes digestion, enhances skin quality and ultimately bring a positive change in your personal and social life as well.

Relax And Repeat

A digital detox brings about positivity and a healthier version of ‘you’. On doing it even once, you will be quite astonished as to how much it benefits you and the people around you. You might crave to doing it more than once and surprisingly this sort of craving is good for your mind and body if done religiously once a month as it not only relaxes the mind and recharges the body but also gives you the much needed time for planning, growing and sharing.

So, what are you waiting for, use this restrictive lockdown period to benefit from this ‘Digital Detox’ process to get a healthier and happier version of ‘YOU’.