Parenting can make you think of the unthinkable. Your kids' poop for instance!

When we think bowel movements doctors tell us to look at the colour, the consistency and frequency of the stool. People may think we're crazy but we find ourselves only talking about stool and taking photos to keep it documented. Diarrhoea is a growing concern among kids in today's times because 1 out of 3 kids suffer from it and we just don't know how to help our little ones.

As a parent, it is heartbreaking when our children hold their tummy in pain. We just don't know what to do, wondering how to ensure happy tummies for your babies?

We, at Kidsstoppress, love to educate ourselves about everything that has to do with parenting. We were invited to this event to understand the role of probiotics in children and about Enterogermina. Here's what we learnt at the event that had fun activities planned for the young minds and mommies to help understand a healthy and happy gut better.

Diarrhoea in kids

 What Is Diarrhoea And What Causes It?

 Diarrhoea is loose or liquid stools per day and sometimes it can continue for 14 days!

The most common cause of summer diarrhoea is bacteria and other viruses. The symptoms are loose, watery stools three or more times a day frequent need to use the bathroom, nausea, fever and chills, lightheadedness, dizziness, dehydration and loss of appetite. The types of stools to look out for - runny, liquid stool, greenish blackish stool and sticky.

 How To Take Care Of Your Child During Diarrhoea And Prevention?

 Moms at the event had a clear picture of the right way to tend to their little ones during troubling times.

●       You should make sure your child drinks enough liquids and fluids

●       Wash your hands often

●       Monitor your child for signs of dehydration

●       You can prevent it by drinking safe water, improve sanitation and good personal hygiene.

●       Use probiotics because there are "friendly bacteria" which are known to benefit digestive health. They help treat diarrhoea by balancing good and bad bacteria. An option that could work wonders for your child

As a mom- it is the go-to solution that I mostly look forward to. And Enterogermina is one such solution that helps manage diarrhoea. The best part is you can carry handy even when you are travelling. Comes in an easy-to-carry ready to drink vial. And worries about battle with the kids? Here is the relief- It has no taste, odour or colour- so nothing that will put off your little one. And that's why it is pediatrician’s no.1 choice.

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