Deepika Padukone, currently shooting for Meghna Gulzar’s Chhapaak, in which she plays the role of acid attack survivor Laxmi Agarwal, surely knows how to keep herself hydrated and beat heat. The gorgeous actress swears by ‘Sattu’ a nutritious drink made from various pulses and cereals. She recently revealed that she has stocked ‘sattu’ powder that would last for one month and has been sipping on it at regular intervals.

And if you are wondering what’s so fancy about this drink, it’s time you refer your grandmother’s cookbook. A traditional recipe, ‘sattu’ means energy and it can be consumed by all age groups. Besides providing instant energy, ‘sattu’ cools down the body, hydrates from within, replenishes salts, sugars thus balancing electrolytes.

Deepika Padukone

Sattu or Sattu Sharbat is a popular drink in the northern States Of India like Bihar, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and also in West Bengal. A thicker version of this drink is also served along with vegetables and rice.

Referred as a poor man’s protein, ‘sattu’ is loaded with calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron providing you with a host of healing health benefits.

The traditional method of making ‘sattu’ involves dry roasting Bengal gram and then pounding the roasted gram into a fine powder. People also blend chickpea and Bengal gram for unique flavour. In Punjab, sattu is made from barley.

Nutritional Facts

What makes ‘sattu’ a unique recipe is its preparation process. Dry roasting retains the nutritional content of the ingredients and longer shelf life, increases soluble fibre and makes it perfect for the stomach. It is low on sodium and rich in other minerals.

Nowadays ‘sattu’ powders are available commercially in different combination of pulses and cereals like wheat, barley, sorghum(jowar) etc. in the market.

Health Benefits

Promotes Bowel Function

High amounts of iron and fibre in ‘sattu’ improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and lowers problems with the digestive tract.

Detoxifies The System

Sattu is an amazing detoxifying agent that clears the toxins out of the system. It also maintains the healthy functioning of the body by guarding it against various ailments.

Improves The Appetite

Sattu is a perfect drink to improve appetite. The presence of potassium and magnesium in sattu increases the appetite and provides the body with vital nutrients.

Weight Loss

Sattu is the right drink for all weight watchers. Regular intake of sattu promotes metabolism, controls hunger pangs and also helps in burning calories effectively.

Instant Energy

Sattu provides the body with an instant source of energy. The goodness of essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates and minerals in sattu provide the body with needed energy throughout the day.

How To Make Sattu Sharbat?


250 grams of Bengal Gram.


Dry roast Bengal gram and ground it into a fine powder.


2 tsp sattu powder

½ tsp lemon juice

1 glass chilled water

Rock salt to taste

How To Make It:

Mix sattu, salt and little water in to a fine paste.

Add enough water and drizzle lemon juice.

Serve chilled.

Note: If you don’t like it with salt, add jaggery.