Daliya or broken wheat is a staple ingredient in Indian kitchens and a hot bowl of daliya upma or khichdi is all you need, if you are craving for comfort food.Daliya

Made from cracked whole wheat, this golden-brown cereal is a powerhouse of fibre, protein and iron and is often a number one choice for those on the path to lose weight. What’s more, it can be easily substituted for rice.

A bowl of plain, cooked daliya can goes as a great accompaniment be it with sabzi, dal, sambar or rasam and it tastes best with fresh curd. 

Amazing Benefits Of Daliya

Good For Muscles

Daliya is a rich source of protein and if you are looking for building a good muscle mass even while losing weight it’s time to include daliya in your daily diet.

Protein in daliya takes long time to digest, suppresses hunger, boosts metabolism by activating weight regulating hormones. It is extremely low on calories, making it an ideal food choice for breakfast, lunch and even dinner.

High On Fibre

Daliya is perhaps the only cereal with high amounts of fibre. Every 100 grams of broken wheat has 18 grams of fibre and aids in promoting gut health. The amount of fibre available in daliya makes you feel satiated for longer hours. Eating daliya upma, khichdi for breakfast will kill your mid-day hunger pangs and help you in avoiding junk food till lunch.

Low Glycemic Index

Daliya is very low on glycemic index making it the best food for diabetics. Daliya doesn’t get absorbed quickly and ensures slow release of sugar, thus managing the blood sugar levels. Since, it is also high in fibre it delays digestion, doesn’t convert into sugar or fat, in the process helps to prevent high blood sugar symptoms.

Aids Weight Loss

Several studies have shown that including broken wheat in breakfast daily for two months has a significant impact on losing weight. It makes you feel full immediately and helps in avoiding over eating. Loaded with essential nutrients it will make you feel energetic throughout the day.

Replenishes Energy

Eating daliya is the easiest and a quick way to replenish your energy levels after an intense workout. Broken wheat is a good source of magnesium, Vitamin B, iron and antioxidants that can provide body with instant energy without adding on calories.