Constipation is a condition whereby a person faces difficulties in bowel movement or consistent irregularities of bowel movements. Constipation is associated with poor digestive system and occurs mostly due to excessive water absorption from the food present in the colon.


When the passage of food from the digestive system to the colon is slow, the colon absorbs more water from it, resulting in dry and hard feces. It happens amongst ages above 20 years but majorly amongst older people of age 40 or more.

The most common causes include, lack of dietary fiber, poor dietary habits, physical inactivity, medications, pregnancy, aging and bedridden individuals are also prone to constipation, smoking and alcoholism, overuse of laxatives, dehydration, co-morbid conditions of colon or rectum like neurological condition, endocrine and metabolic problems, cancer and others can also cause constipation.

Signs & Symptoms:

Pain in the anal canal

Increased difficulty in bowel movement

Stomach ache

Bleeding during bowel movement

Abdominal cramps

Bloated stomach


Loss Of Appetite

Constipation cases can be resolved without medical treatment. Appropriate dietary plans and good eating and lifestyle habits helps without consumption of medications. In other cases, laxatives and natural remedies like fiber intake, drinking more water, and exercise are usually recommended.