Menstrual cycle is natural but for many women, it can be a nightmare. Remember getting the first period and using sanitary pads, planning the day as per the flow, and constantly adjusting of dress? Thankfully, those clumsy days are far behind. With more and more awareness being created about personal hygiene especially among young girls and women, sanitary napkins are now a must-have and thankfully, cloth napkins are passé.

There are many types of sanitary napkins available in the market but if there is one product, that has revolutionized the comfort these pads can offer, it is undoubtedly Comfy Snug Fit Ultra XL. From the house of Amrutanjan, these uniquely designed sanitary pads are not only non-irritant on the skin but also can provide leak-lock protection for up to 12 hours.
Comfy snug fit Ultra XL sanitary pads

Top Features of Comfy Snug Fit, Sanitary Pads:

  • Anti-leak system that prevents leakage on the tips and at the sides of the pads
  • Super gel lock that builds a barrier that locks in the fluid
  • Dry top sheet for that clean and hygienic feel for hours
  • Rapid suction funnels which rapidly absorb fluid and maximize comfort
  • Odour lock and 5 times long-lasting dryness

5 Reasons To Choose Comfy Snug Fit:

Prevents Wetness:

Comfy Snug Fit Ultra XL comes with gel barrier technology that locks in fluid for longer hours. This leaves you clean and dry and helps you spend your day comfortably without getting hassled by wetness even on the heavy flow days.

Prevents leakage:

The rapid suction funnels present on the surface of the pad pulls in the fluid from the top layer to the layers below and the anti-leak channels facilitate fluid distribution along the length and breadth of the pad, thereby preventing the accumulation of fluid in the center for a prolonged period, that leaks to the edges and results in stains.

Have Rash Free Periods:

The top sheet is dermatologically tested, and proven safe on skin that will not cause irritation that triggers rashes. It also keeps the area dry, prevents the growth of bacteria that might lead to severe infections. 

No Mess:

Using Comfy Snug Fit Ultra XL sanitary pads is no messy affair. Since it locks in all the fluid inside, it stays completely dry outside. After use, pack it into the wrapper provided along with the pad and discard it properly.


These sanitary pads are designed keeping in mind the hygiene needs of young girls, working women, and homemakers alike. Since, Comfy Snug Fit Ultra XL sanitary pads last long, you wouldn’t require many pads even on heavy flow days. The affordable pricing makes it the top choice among sanitary pads available in the market.

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