Clove or Laung oil is imbued with a wealth of health benefitting properties. It holds a great place in traditional Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for its indispensable healing benefits. This essential oil is derived from Syzgium aromatic, the clove plant that is native to Southeast Asia. Besides conferring rich aroma and flavour to curries and pulao, the oil, leaves, stems and dried buds are all used extensively for various medicinal and therapeutic purposes.

Clove oil is extracted by steam distilling from the dried flower buds that have a sharp pungent fragrance. The oil is known to exhibit potent antioxidant, antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and analgesic characteristics. It is a popular home remedy for curing several health anomalies including skin woes, stimulates digestion and triggers the immune response. In aromatherapy, clove oil is widely used as a pain reliever mainly for toothaches and abdominal pain. While it is also blended with other carrier oil like sesame oil for treating sleep disorders, applying warm clove oil mixed with sesame oil on the forehead keeps you calm and relaxed.

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Health Benefitting Properties Of Clove Oil

Potent antimicrobial characteristics help to combat bacteria and keep infections at bay.

The natural pain-relieving properties alleviate toothache and muscle pain

Clove oil act as a natural digestive aid that helps to promote digestion process and cures stomach woes

Anti-inflammatory effects of clove oil work well to ease respiratory problems like asthma and cough

Eugenol a powerful bioactive compound in clove oil has skin soothing and stimulating properties that enhance blood flow to the skin and makes it supple and radiant

Foray this infographic to know about the incredible health benefits of this wonder oil
Healing Benefits Of Clove Oil