Stress has become one of the common issues among people in the current scenario. Because of the changing high paced work environment and lifestyle, it has equally affected teens, adults and elders. It causes not only physical but emotional imbalance in body as well. There are some recommended and useful tips that can be followed to manage stress and feel relieved.

  • Electric Simulations: The technique was initially invented to help relieve physical pain, later used in treating depression. Recently, it is found that the method is useful in giving a little boost to mood, helping release stress. The treatment include passing a small amount of electric current (using two electrodes) through brain, targeting the prefrontal cortex (a part of brain that deals with negative emotions and stress).
  • Medications: Antidepressants are commonly used for treating stress, but they should not be used without prescription as they can also cause some side effects.
  • Yoga: It  is one of the most ancient and useful techniques in stress management. It helps in relaxing stressed body muscles, makes you feel lighter and relived.
  • Exercise: It is also one of the known stress busters as it releases oxytocin, serotonin hormones which regulates our body’s stress levels.
  • Spiritualism: Meditation is one of most known forms of spiritual therapy for stress management. It include “basic mindful meditation, music meditation, walking meditation, mantra meditation etc.”
  • Diet: The food we eat affects our stress levels very strongly. Eating food rich in vitamins and proteins helps in stress management.