Call it buttermilk, mor, chaas or majjiga, this cooling beverage made from yogurt is all you need to beat the heat on a blistering summer afternoon. A common sight in India during summer months are small makeshift stalls serving buttermilk and people guzzling it down. 

Buttermilk in a vessel

Easy to prepare, buttermilk is made after mixing lots of drinking water to thick yogurt and churning it into a thin yet frothy liquid. A diary product, buttermilk not only quenches the thirst but also helps
in aiding the digestion, promoting hydration, nourishing the body with potassium, zinc and calcium. 

It also helps in gaining back the immunity especially for those suffering from diarrhoea, vomiting due to heatwave and sunstroke. Several researches indicate that buttermilk contains active cultures that promote good bacteria in the intestinal tract. The probiotic properties promote great gut health by helping the body to release vitamins and minerals for immunity. 

Buttermilk also helps those with lactose intolerance. Churning of yogurt converts lactose into lactic acid which has highly digestible properties. If you are suffering from excessive sweating, muscle cramps, headache all you need is a glass of buttermilk with rock salt to restore energy levels back to normal. 

And if you are looking forward to shed those extra kilogram grab a glass of buttermilk to feel full for longer hours. It is low on calories, fat and helps in absorbing nutrients from other food items into the body.

How to make buttermilk at home:

There are several ways to churn buttermilk. You can have it plain by adding double the amount of water to the churned curd. Spice it up by grinding curry leaves, cumin, small piece of ginger along with rock salt into a paste and add it to the thin buttermilk. Squeeze 2 tsps. of lemon juice, add ginger paste, salt to thick curd. Whisk it with lots of drinking water. Give it a seasoning with mustard, curry leaves. Sprinkle with cumin powder or chat masala for that extra zing.