A brain tumor is associated with the unrestricted growth of brain cells; resulting into formation of a lump. Brain tumors can be cancerous as well as non-cancerous and can hamper the normal functioning of the brain.

Brain tumor causes

Moreover, abnormal growth of brain cells can build-up pressure inside the skull too, causing severe brain damage. Brain tumors are commonly categorized into primary as well as secondary, depending upon its original location.

Risk factors of brain tumor include past medical or family history, exposure to radiations, smoking, and to certain carcinogenic chemicals.

Signs And Symptoms

The symptomatic expression is variable, depending upon the size of the tumor, as well as location. It should be noted that certain tumors are characterized by direct invasion of brain tissue, causing severe damage; whereas some may harm indirectly.

Chronic headache while sleeping, coughing or sneezing.

Mental illness, confusion, mood swings, irritability



Difficulty in speaking, writing as well as reading

Depletion in the motor skills as well as cognitive functions


Low blood pressure

Diagnosis And Treatment

The diagnosis is often initiated with the physical examination, followed by neurological investigation through an MRI and CT scan. The physician may also evaluate depending upon the previous medical history, family history, cognitive as well as motor functions. The common treatment offered for a brain tumor is surgery, but only at initial stages and with the cases of less severity.