Are those ugly looking marks giving your self-confidence a toss and stopping you from socializing? Well, you aren’t alone, as quite a few women are struggling with low self-esteem due to the presence of blemishes all over the face. But that being said, sitting and hiding at home is never the solution to these skin imperfections. Rather, one should find out the root cause of it and treat it effectively.

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What Are Blemishes?

Blemishes can be any type of marks, spots, discolourations or flaws on the skin. These blemishes can be the aftermath of acne, pimple, rash, age spots, melasma, i.e. hyperpigmentation or birthmarks. Although not all of them can be treated at home, there are some marks like acne, pimple or age spots that can be made to disappear with some home remedies.

Common Causes Of Blemishes

Blemishes can occur on the face due to various reasons. In most cases, blemishes usually happen when the skin pores get blocked by dead skin cells, dirt and oil. This causes the upper surface of the skin, i.e. epidermis to get white and blackheads, thereby leading to acne in the inner layers. However, even though the causative factor i.e. the acne or pimple might disappear after some time, leaving the skin red and inflamed leading to a blemish in its wake. Apart from excess oil production, chemical-based products, environmental pollution, unhealthy dietary choices and lack of time owing to a busy lifestyle are making it increasingly tedious to tend to skin health. Also Read: Try These Home Remedies To Clear Acne Scars

Well, if you want to flaunt a crystal-clear radiant skin, try some of these easily available ingredients right from your kitchen that will ensure that blemishes don’t ruin your self-esteem anymore.

Checkout this infographic to know more:

blemishes infographic