Nose bleeding, medically known as epistaxis, is one of the most common problems. However, the sight of blood dripping from nostrils can be frightening and discomforting and if not controlled, can be detrimental. The inner part of the nose consists of many dominant tiny blood vessels. When these vessels experience disruptions, blood starts to flow from the nostrils.

Since the nose is located on an unguarded position, chances of injury to the nose are more likely to happen besides various other underlying conditions.

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Ayurvedic home remedies for bleeding nose

What Causes Nosebleed?

  • Upper respiratory infections, ​​inflammation of the mucous membranes, repeated sneezing and nose blowing can result in nose to bleed
  • A polyp or some kind of tumour in the nose or sinuses
  • Dry air, low-humidity climates or indoor environments that have been artificially heated cause nasal membranes to dry out or crack
  • Some kind of allergic reaction, excessive usage of nasal sprays or chemical irritants can cause epistaxis.
  • High blood pressure can cause profuse nose bleeding
  • Accidental injury to the nose can cause a spontaneous gush of blood from the nose

Nose Bleeding In Ayurveda

As per ayurvedic science, an individual is born with five basic elements of nature namely earth, air, water, fire and space.

Disturbance in any of these elements causes 3 doshas - vata, kapha and pitta. An imbalance of the pitta dosha is an imbalance in the metabolism composed of fire and water and is associated with nosebleed.

Powerful Home Remedies To Treat Epistaxis

Are you experiencing nose bleeding frequently? Try these effective ayurvedic home remedies that can come in handy to pacify your pitta dosha and provide instant relief in minor or even profuse nose bleeds.

Rosewood Tree Extracts:

Known for its nerve-calming properties, rosewood provides a therapeutic and long-term relief from nose bleeding. Boil rosewood leaves, cool them and put a few drops of juice extracted from rosewood leaves for recurring nosebleeds.

Peepal Juice:

Juice extracted from peepal leaves also helps in providing immediate relief from nose bleeding as peepal helps in the quick healing and decreases nasal inflammation.

Nettle Leaves:

A hemostatic substance, nettle leaves work well to cure sudden nose bleeds besides keeping allergy related nosebleeds at bay. Dip some cotton balls in nettle leaves solution and keep it on the nose until the bleeding stops.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Acid in the apple cider vinegar helps in constricting the blood vessels and stops the bleeding instantly, thus preventing further blood loss. Place apple cider-soaked cotton ball in the affected nostril for about eight to ten minutes.


Lack of liquid intake through the day can lead to dryness in the mucous membranes causing nosebleed. Make sure you drink ample water during summers and in dry climatic environments.

Ice Cubes:

One of the most effective remedies, ice cubes numb the pain and provide instant relief. Apply ice wrapped in a towel on the nostrils to reduce swelling of the blood vessels.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda works wonderfully for nose bleeding. Mix a spoon of baking soda in water and transfer the solution into a sprayer. Keep spraying it into the nostrils until bleeding stops.