Black pepper is known as the king of spice and perhaps one the most traded spices globally, on par with saffron.Black Pepper

Available in three variants – green pepper, white pepper and as black pepper, this pungent spice is a flowering vine cultivated extensively in India and in many other Asian countries.

Oil extracted out of dried pepper is extensively used in traditional medicines. Piperine the essential oil possesses some amazing healing properties to alleviate muscle spasm, improves digestive health and arthritis.

Black pepper is loaded with nutrients including potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium and vital vitamins B, K and niacin. An ounce of this spice has lots to offer your health, learn more about its benefits.

Promotes Digestion

Black pepper promotes the secretion of digestive juices and enzymes that aid in improving the process of digestion. If your grandmother suggested to include black pepper in your every meal, she has a point. Pepper stimulates your body’s ability to break down food into smaller particles and eases digestion. Several studies prove that black pepper has a positive effect on pancreatic enzymes that aid in entire process of digestion. Strong carminative properties of black pepper also help in alleviating flatulence and colic pains.

Prevents Cancer

Black pepper helps in defending against the formation of cancer cells. The goodness of piperine in black pepper improves the absorption of essential nutrients that are vital for digestive health and prevents cancer. Evidence also proves that anticancer properties of piperine lowers the stress on rectum. It should be consumed in raw form to combat against the occurrence of cancer.

Promotes Weight Loss

The magic ingredient piperine in black pepper helps in preventing fat cell formation that can help you in losing weight. The richness of phytonutrients in black pepper help in breaking down the excess fats and improves metabolism. Black pepper with a drizzle of lemon can be a healthy twist to you normal Italian dressing yummy grilled veggies and chicken for lowering calorie consumption.

Relieves Cough & Cold

Black pepper has been used widely in traditional Chinese medicine to treat common cold and cough. It promotes circulation and mucus flow. When combined with honey it functions as the best natural cough suppressant. Black pepper is good to treat asthmatic symptoms, clear the respiratory tract and improves respiratory issues like whooping cough. 

Good For Brain Health

Black pepper is a wonder spice to promote brain functioning. Super rich in piperine, black pepper can inhibit the enzyme that breaks down serotonin soothing the neurotransmitter and also boosts the functioning of melatonin that regulates the sleep cycle.

Piperine in black pepper plays a crucial role in preventing Parkinson’s disease by enhancing the functioning of dopamine, a necessary hormone that is deficient in Parkinson’s patients.