Stress and anxiety are two factors that can potentially affect every aspect of our life and wellbeing. Over the years, human body developed a mechanism to cope up with these both negative factors but in many cases, it manifests into various symptoms and even ailments.

While few symptoms like excessive sweating, restlessness, shortness of breath are quite evident, few other signs could be less obvious making you feel confused. One such symptom is excessive belching or burping that may be an indication of severe anxiety.

Belching A Lot? Keep Your Stress Levels Under Check

How Are Anxiety & Burping Connected?

Burping and anxiety are interlinked as we tend to swallow a lot more air during stress, leading to hyperventilation or overbreathing. Excessive swallowing of air returns into the esophagus and then to mouth causing belch. You may be burping involuntarily and it can be felt more after eating.

Swallowing more air causes imbalance of healthy gases in the body causing burps, triggering more anxiety and making it difficult to stop.

The other digestive complication that is indirectly linked to stress is heart burn as stomach particles enter the esophagus, stimulating acid production thus causing pain and severe indigestion.

How To Stop Anxiety-Triggered Belching

Practice Breathing:

Breathing techniques help you in reduce involuntary burping. Practice slow and guided breathing or Pranayama for instant relief and a calmer mind. Breathe in through one nostril, hold it for few seconds and breathe out through your mouth. Repeat it for 10 times alternating between each nostril.

Avoid Cruciferous Vegetables:

Do not eat vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, bok choy, beans, green leafy vegetables as they tend to produce more gas. Each fibre rich, easily digestible foods for better gut health and to reduce belching.

Sip On Water:

Drinking little amounts of water has many positive effects on your body. It not only cools down the body temperature but calms the mind. Keep sipping on plain water in small amounts till the burps subside.

Do Not Smoke:

Many tend to smoke to bring down anxiety, but this will worsen the problem a lot more. Smoking makes you inhale more air, causing excessive gases and it also interferes with your regular breathing pattern.

Moderate Workout:

Walking or doing some stretches help body in digesting food faster and will also regulate production of gases. If the problem persists even after making necessary lifestyle changes, see a doctor immediately.