Bananas are extremely healthy and wholesome fruit, owing to its impressive nutrient profile and indispensable benefits for improving digestion, cardiac health and weight loss. It is one of the most consumed fruit, which is delicious and serves as a healthy and highly convenient snack. It makes a wholesome breakfast fruit and also helps to boost energy instantly post workout. From sustaining healthy skin to hair, the benefits of bananas go way beyond just eating them.

Banana face packs is an excellent and natural way to get radiant and flawless skin. It is also valuable to combat premature ageing of the skin, fades away wrinkles and treats other skin woes. Thus banana serves as an incredible ingredient in your beauty care regimen that enhances skin glow and youthfulness.

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Super-rich in skin-boosting nutrients such as potassium, vitamin B 6, C and A, bananas may help to nourish the skin from deep within and heal all other skin woes. One of the most beneficial compound silica in bananas are well-known to boost collagen production, the protein that helps to maintain skin hydrated and supple.

Nutrients Present In Banana And Its Benefits

Potassium –moisturizes and hydrates the skin cells

B-vitamins-shields against detrimental toxins and averts premature ageing

Vitamin A heals acne, dark spots and smoothens out dry skin

Zinc-combats acne-causing germs

Vitamin C-boost collagen production and control excess oil secretions.

Vitamin E –slow down signs of ageing

Incorporating banana can add value to your skincare regimen and deliver you amazing results. The natural moisturizing, antioxidants and soothing properties help to firm, revitalize dry skin as well as smoothen ageing skin. Nowadays bananas are extensively used in beauty care products and even home-made banana face masks are gaining popularity as natural DIY remedies for healing a variety of dermatologic issues.

Foray this infographic to know how this healthy fruit uplifts skin health and beauty.

Bananas DIY Recipes