The recent tweet by legendary singer Asha Bhosle in which she complained how mobile phone addiction is making us all socially isolated beings is like an eye-opener of sorts. She posted a picture surrounded by four people all deeply engaged with their mobile phones, with a caption “Bagdogra to Kolkata... Such good company but still, no one to talk to. Thank you, Alexander Graham Bell."

Mobile Phone Addiction

Thank Graham Bell or not, the fact is that mobile phones have become like an external body part and we all feel quite dysfunctional without it.

Even while we thank most technological advancements that made our communication to faraway places quite effective and have made our lives easier, let’s confess that like all good things have side effects, mobile phones too bring in a lot of health-related issues.

Doctors warn that mobile phone addiction causes ill effects both on mental and physical health. According to a recent study, kids these can handle any model phone with ease and wouldn’t need any assistance.

Sounds good. But, do you know that excessive screen time on mobile phone and other electronic gadgets plays a havoc with the lives of young minds?

Read on for why you should be keeping away from your phone for at least few hours in a day. 


International Agency On Research For Cancer says that mobile phone radiation is carcinogenic, it means people who have been regularly using their phones continuously are at a high risk of brain tumours and other forms of cancers like glioma, meningioma, acoustic neuroma.

Low Self Esteem:

Too much of screen time negatively affects emotions especially in younger children. Many studies revealed beyond doubt that children who are glued to their mobile phones miss out on meaningful conversations, eventually lacking in good communication that in turn affecting their self-esteem and confidence.

High-Stress Levels:

If you are stress levels are high, stay away from mobile phone. Scientists say that constant ringing, vibrating alerts keep users on edge interfering with the stress and disturbing regular sleep patterns.


Do you know that your mobile screen hosts more amount of bacteria than your toilet seat? The residue on mobile screen leads to diseases prone bacteria and can compromise our immunity. In fact, scientists warn that deadly E.coli is easily transferrable from person to another through cell phones.

Vision Problems:

Constant staring at your cell phones screens will certainly cause vision problems. Mobile phone screens are much smaller in size compared to computers and would cause extra stress on eyes while reading messages, news or other content. Doctors call it digital eye strain and recommend taking periodical breaks from staring at mobile phones.