If you love Pineapple but avoid it eating it as you find removing its peel as quite a bothersome affair, it’s time you watch the video posted by Lena Heady, popularly known as Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones on Instagram.

The video showcases a unique hack of eating the fruit by pulling the skin towards the center taking out triangle shaped pieces, a much non-messier and easier way to relish the fruit. The video went viral in no time with 14 million views, 1.4 lakh retweets and 3.61 lakh likes and also garnering a countless number of stunned reactions from the viewers.

And it is not just for eating it easy, Pineapple is a must-have fruit in the summer for all the more reasons. Read on to know the health benefits of this juicy wonder and why you should be adding it to your fruit diet. 

Pineapple is low on calories and this tropical fruit comes with an impressive nutrient profile. The rich array of nutrients in pineapple include vitamins C, B complex and essential minerals such as manganese, copper, potassium, magnesium and iron. The host of plant compounds in pineapple provide incredible health benefits and these components trigger the immune system, by promoting digestion and metabolism.

Promotes Digestion

Pineapple contains a host of digestive enzymes known as bromelain, which aids in the digestion of protein molecules into amino acids and peptides, making it readily absorbed across the intestine. This is helpful for people with pancreatic insufficiency, a condition where pancreas cannot secrete enough enzymes.

Lowers Risk Of Chronic Disease

The goodness of antioxidants in pineapples such as flavonoids and phenolic compounds help the body in fighting against oxidative stress. This property in pineapple lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and certain cancers. As the antioxidants in pineapples are bound, it provides long-lasting health benefits.

Pouring pineapple juice into a glass

Reduces Inflammation

The strong anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple aid in combatting infections. The myriad of essential nutrients in pineapple effectively boost immunity and suppress inflammation. Several pieces of evidence show that children who regularly consume pineapple had a remarkably lower risk of both viral and bacterial infections and also had four times more disease-fighting white blood cells in the blood.

Eases Arthritis

The strong anti-inflammatory properties of pineapple provide relief from arthritis pain and lower the inflammation in the joints. The richness of bromelain in pineapple helps in treating osteoarthritis and alleviates arthritis pain.