Clean eating has caught fancy of many in the recent times, especially those who are health conscious. Though there are no specific rules, clean eating gives importance to eating natural foods, avoiding processed sugars and foods, consuming locally grown vegetables and fruits.  Woman eating vegetables

In a nutshell, the clean eating diet usually comprises home cooked food, whole ingredients, non-processed foods without additives, colours and sugars.

If you are planning to opt for clean eating, be mindful of these golden rules:

Say No To Packaged, Processed Foods:

1)    Avoid foods that come processed and packed in bags, boxes and are loaded with preservatives, sweeteners and food colouring.

2)    Refined sugars are a strict no-no. Do not make place for bakery made cookies, breads, jams, pasta sauces, branded salad dressings in your kitchen as they come with added and refined sugars.

3)    Say no to white foods. Do not eat white rice, white sugar, processed cereals, refined flours, white bread.

4)    Snacks and other items made from refined grains should be avoided.  

Eat These Foods Instead

1)    The first step is to include protein-based foods as a part of clean eating. Eat tofu, dairy products, spirulina and eggs.

2)    Bite into organically grown bananas, oranges, melons, peaches and berries.

3)    Quinoa, buckwheat, barley, rice, oats are a must-have in your daily diet.

4)    Sauté boiled chickpeas, peas, lentils and beans in little bit of oil to satisfy your cravings.

5)    Grab a fistful of almonds, pistachios, cashews, walnuts to kill those mid-day hunger pangs.

6)    Oils like coconut oil, olive oil provide healthy fats to your body.

Benefits Of Clean Eating

Clean eating is an amazing way to maintain highly sustained energy levels. It reduces inflammation in the body, depression, avoids chronic diseases. It also helps in fighting oxidative stress, thanks to the whole grains and other whole foods.

As a part of clean eating, fill at least half your plate with fruits and vegetables as they aid in digestion, boost metabolism, provide necessary nutrients and vitamins to the body.

Is It For You?

Clean eating habits can be practiced by anyone. However, doctors caution those with eating disorders to be careful while practicing it. Studies claim that in few cases clean eating may become an obsession and may lead to anxiety with regards to choosing the ‘right food.’