The recent revelation by Kareena Kapoor that she gets quite paranoid about her son Taimur’s diet and he is not allowed to eat at the birthday parties he attends, became a talking point.

Kareena confessed to being a ‘super paranoid’ mom while interacting with celebrity dietician Rujuta Diwekar along with her husband Saif Ali Khan and also disclosed that Taimur is brought up on a simple diet of khichdi, idli, dosa and healthy home cooked food.

And in these days of food allergies, Kareena is not the only mother who keeps an eye on the eating habits of children. It is not unusual to hear stories of children suffering from lactose intolerance, severe allergies to nuts, gluten and even soy.

Kareena with her son

While a few types of allergies show up in the form of rashes and go away on its own, others can be quite severe causing serious conditions like anaphylaxis – a life-threatening allergic reaction.

If you are planning a birthday party for your child, always be mindful about the dietary restrictions of other children as well. Read on, how you can plan a hassle and allergy free birthday party for your little one and guests.

Talk To Guests’ Parents:

Ask and enquire with other parents to learn if their child suffers from any particular food allergy. Be gentle while posing your questions and explain your genuine concerns. You can also ask the parents to RSVP any allergies or food that can trigger health issues. It’s better to be informed than repent later.

Plan The Menu:

Kids like eating pizzas, chip, French fries, ice creams and other junk foods. Gluten-free, millet-based pizzas with dairy-free cheeses are quite a rage these days, so try avoiding white flour-based pizzas. Birthday parties need a lot of finger foods and make it colourful by serving healthy kebabs, brownie cones made from brownie mixes instead of ice creams.

Sweet Treats:

No kids party is complete without desserts, but most sweet items are made from milk and dairy products. You can choose shaved ice on fruit juices instead of ice cream. Go for a cake that is egg and gluten-free and made from non-dairy milk. Popsicles, frozen fruit bars are always an instant hit with children and are completely allergen-free.

Avoid Contamination:

Contamination of food is a major problem while throwing a party. Avoid touching foods with hands and make sure all children use proper cutlery while eating. Do not place gluten-based products next to dairy food items or fruit bowls to avoid cross-contamination. Make sure the crockery, cutlery is clean or go for eco-friendly use and throw products.

Clean Venue:

In few children, the allergies are not just about food but also about the environment. Make sure to use eco friendly decorative items, cutlery and return gifts. Few children may be prone to allergens in the air that can trigger breathing problems and as a host ensure a safe, clean, venue with bright light and ample circulation of air. Vacuum the place, seating arrangements thoroughly before the birthday starts.