Beauty rules worldwide have transformed like never before in the last one year. With safety topping the list of priorities, handy sanitizer bottles and face masks have found their way into your handbag along with beauty essentials.

Do not lose heart yet and forsake your love for beauty and cosmetic products. Good makeup instantly uplifts mood be it at home or office, makes you feel confident and at your best. Quarantine in fact gave us plenty of time to experiment with different looks and hair styles.
Woman applying lipstick

But yeah! Masks are here to stay for the next one year at least. You may ask what is the point in wearing lipstick underneath those layers of thick cloth or N-95 ones, when all it does is leave behind a smudgy mess?

If you are wondering about how to wear lipstick and keep it locked in place under the mask, here’s all you need to know.

How Do I Keep My Lipstick From Transferring Onto A Mask?

Go For The Right Product:

The trick lies in picking up the right type of lipstick and nothing serves the purpose better than the mattifying ones. Matte lipsticks are long lasting and will certainly not interfere with the inner layers of the mask. However, make it a point to wait for at least 30 seconds and gently blot your lips before wearing the mask.

Master The Technique:

If you have the habit of applying lipstick straight on the lips without prepping it with lip balm, now is the time to stop. Lip balm serves as a primer and it not only makes the skin smoother but also helps the lipstick stay on for longer hours. Another tip is to dust the lips lightly with some setting powder with the help of a tissue. This eliminates smudging and also maintains even colour.

Apply Lighter Shade First:

This is a foolproof technique that prevents your lipstick from smudging onto the inner layers of the mask. Spread the lighter shade of the lipstick with your fingers and then apply it’s brighter version on top, as this gives extra protection from smudging.

Here’s Your Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1:

Apply good quality lip balm on the lips generously.  Leave it for ten minutes and allow it to soak in. If there is any excess moisture, wipe it with a tissue paper.

Step 2:

Invest in a good lip pencil. Line your lips carefully and slowly fill in the lips using the pencil. This will lock-in the lipstick and make it last for long.

Step 3:

Apply the lipstick carefully within the area filled in with the lip liner. Once you are done, lightly dab some setting powder on the lips to help retain the lipstick throughout the day.

Try these super easy tips and wear lipsticks without worrying about smudging.