First aid kit is a basic requirement in every home as these kits help you treating minor cuts, injuries and also prevent major risk or infections.First aids kit includes plasters in various sizes, sterile gauze, cotton, bandages, crepe bandage, pins, sterile gloves and tweezers.

Rules Of First Aid

Being acquainted with basic first aid skills is very vital as you never know when an emergency situation may arise. Knowing how to treat common injuries and ailments precisely is an essential life skill for everybody.

Read on to know about the basic first aid tips.


 Always remember these initials that you must follow in a first aid situation. They stand for airway, breathing, and circulation. When a person is unconscious, keep their airway open which will provide the patient with ample air and circulation.

 Avoiding Bleeding

 A minor or major injury may cause someone to bleed a lot. In such condition, you should apply slight pressure to the affected area. Apply pressure using cloth or cotton to soak up the bleeding. Hold on to the injured part until the bleeding stops.


 For any minor burns hold the affected area under cold running water or apply a cool wet compress until the pain eases.


 The most practical first aid treatment for sprains is an ice pack. Collect a few cubes from the freezer and put them in a plastic bag. Even if it is a wrist or an ankle sprain, apply some ice cubes on the affected area. If this does not reduce the swelling, refer to specialized care.


A person with severe diarrhoea gets drained out and dehydrated quickly. The body loses fluid, so the primary objective is to rehydrate them. Administer ORS and a diet with adequate fluids.


 An injury from a fall may result in trauma, place the patient still without allowing any head movement until proper medical assistance is available.


 Assure and comfort the person you are helping. Try to be calm as possible which will help them to stay relaxed.

Chest Compression Rule

 The most vital component of CPR is high-class chest compressions. In case you are unwilling to do rescue breathing then don’t. Instead, do continuous chest compressions until further medical help arrives.

 First Aid Materials

 Always stock up on first aid supplies. Basics things you need are bandages, gauzes, cotton wool, thermometer, and antacids.

 Seek Help

 You should not consider first aid as conclusive medical care. Always seek further medical assistance after you have given the initial help.

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