Diabetes mellitus is a chronic condition that was commonly observed in adults over the age of 40 across the world. However, in today’s age of intense stress, poor dietary habits and lethargic lifestyle, individuals even in their 20s are observed getting diagnosed with diabetes.

Diabetes Mellitus is categorized into Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. While Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune condition, Type 2 diabetes that usually occurs around middle-age, and is a result of poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy dietary habits. Diabetes needs to be managed throughout one’s life due to its incurable nature.

If you are a diabetic, or have a diabetic in your family or friend circle, read on for tips on how to ace a low-sugar and low-calorie diet for better health:
Choose the right oil

Lifestyle Changes To Regulate Diabetes:

Eat Healthy:

Eating fresh and healthy food that is low on the glycemic index plays a major role in the health of a diabetic. Going for whole grain cereals and fibrous foods will keep one energetic throughout the day, keeping blood sugar under control. Protein-rich diets are also advisable. It is usually advised to eat small portions at regular intervals to prevent sudden spikes in the blood glucose levels.

Take A Walk:

Do you know that all one needs is 20 minutes of walking to keep the heart healthy? Walks help with the optimal functioning of the human body. Making walking a disciplinary habit for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day either in the morning or at evenings greatly helps manage diabetes.

Lose Weight:

If you are overweight or obese it’s time to shed those extra kilograms. Weight above your required BMI will cause major health complications like cardiovascular diseases besides high blood glucose levels. It’s crucial for diabetics to maintain proper weight through non-exerting activities like yoga to stay fit and healthy.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is not just injurious to health, but it can cause extreme complications in your overall body functioning. The toxic elements in a single cigarette hamper the functioning of all vital organs including heart, kidneys and liver, thereby increasing the blood sugar levels. Diabetics who smoke are also at the increased risk of developing various types of cancer.

Stay Stress-Free:

Stress is a silent killer as it aggravates diabetes apart from having adverse effects both on physical and mental health. Practice yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, cultivate hobbies and spend time with family and friends for keeping your stress away. 

Choosing The Right Cooking Oils:

Diabetologists and nutritionists agree in unison that your cooking oil is very crucial for maintaining the levels of blood glucose. It is in fact, extremely necessary for diabetics to choose the right oil as they are also at an increased risk of cardiac-related ailments.
Fortune oil

If there are two varieties that have taken up the cooking world by storm is the blend of a rice bran oil and sesame oil. One such brand is Fortune Vivo Pro Sugar Conscious oil which is a blend of rice bran and sesame oil (80:20) which meets the standard recommendations made by the American Heart Association(1). This blended cooking oil has been clinically proven(2) to regulate blood sugar spikes, control blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.



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