If you are one of those obsessed with compulsive buying, collecting things and have stacked it for years without putting them to use, it’s time you step into the world of decluttering.

Throwing or clearing things away old, unused stuff, clothes from home is nothing new but in the recent times, decluttering has become a phenomenon of sorts, thanks to Japanese organizing consultant like Marie Kondo.

Many of us lead our lives by false security which we find in objects, possessions and we constantly believe that we might need those things, just-in-case, one day.

Mental health experts warn against heaping the house with several things and cluttering it. Several studies reveal that a cluttered place can limit brain’s ability to process information, could be extremely stressful and distracting.

Decluttering brings in peace of mind and many more health benefits. Read on to know more.

Allergen Free:

Clutter attracts a lot of dust, mites and other tiny insects that would cause allergies and other health issues. Decluttering the house removes various toxins present in the air and in surroundings, making the interiors cleaner, reduce various infection causing allergens.

Healthy Habits:

Keeping your kitchen clean, decluttered and all necessary things within the reach, makes you cook faster, and cleaner. Since there are very few things in the kitchen, it makes maintenance easy and help you performing other chores in a more efficient way. When it is easy to cook, you may find it interesting to dish out various recipes with more focus on health.

Boosts Mental Health:

A cleaner house frees up your mind, encourages to make positive changes, feel less anxious and peaceful. You can make better decision in mess-free environment, focus efficiently on the tasks at hand and self-confidence.

Improves Relationships:

A lot of clutter around the house can cost relationships, lead to arguments and anxiety. Decluttering the house regularly on a regular basis, keeps you more organized, happy and make you feel energized.

Builds Confidence:

Cleaner house and fine surroundings help you in developing problem solving skills. You will be able to quick decisions about the things to retain and to throw away. You will also earn praises from your friends and family for your keeping your house clean and tidy, all the time.

Discover Lost Valuables:

If you have lost your favoruite pair of ear rings or misplaced a book, decluttering may help in finding them back. Finding our things back gives great happiness, and a sense of abundance that can boost your mind and make you feel positive about the future.