Alia Bhatt has come a long way from being a chubby girl to a hot diva. On many occasions, the talented actress spoke about her struggles regarding weight loss and how she achieved her fitness goals.

5 Ways To Look Beautiful Like Alia Bhatt

And today, the ‘Gully Boy’ actress is also known for her chic style of dressing, beautiful hair and gorgeous skin.

Read on to know about Alia Bhatt’s skin and fitness regimen. 

Skin Care Routine:

The actress believes that your face reflects inner beauty and she makes it a point to feel positive all the time. Her beauty regimen is very simple. She cleans her makeup before going to sleep with plain water and herbal wipes and rubs some ice on the face in the mornings to feel fresh. The bubbly actress vouches by the goodness of multani mitti to thwart off skin infections and get a radiant, crystal clear appearance.

Sleep well, avoid lots of makeup and let your skin breathe is her motto for beautiful skin.

Hair Care:

Alia loves experimenting with her hair and is obsessed with new hairdos. To maintain her tresses healthy, she washes her hair with mild shampoo for every two days and stays from hair-styling tools. She also takes Vitamin A in the form of supplements or diet for her luscious-looking mane.

Eating Habits:

Alia Bhatt carefully plans her diet – it usually includes a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and a very light dinner. She includes detoxifying foods like beetroot, sweet potatoes and avoids foods that are acidic in nature. Alia prefers eating a wholesome fruit over juices to enjoy all nutrients. She believes in drinking small amounts of water during workouts and it is the best way to keep up your stamina and feel hydrated.

Fitness Routine:

If you want to shed those extra kilograms, do cardio regularly recommends, Alia. She practices yoga twice a week for flexibility and to reduce stress. The actress believes regular practice of lunges and squats helps in strengthening of the legs and supports the spine. On a dull day, meditation is her mantra to feel positive.

Beauty Essentials:

Her beauty essentials are very simple. Her colossal kajal and lip moisturizer are two quick fixes and must haves in her bag. Alia prefers going natural or with very minimal make-up even while making public appearances.