If there is one actress who defied the age for more than three decades, it is undoubtedly Madhuri Dixit. A versatile dancer and talented actress Madhuri Dixit is known for her ageless beauty, sheer elegance and charm she exudes both in movies and her real life.

Look Like Madhuri Dixit

If you have ever wondered what makes Madhuri an ageless beauty, here is a leaf out of her beauty and fitness secrets.

Skin Care:

Madhuri’s mantra for glowing skin is using good moisturizer along with products with good SPF. She cleanses her skin with plain, lukewarm water twice a day and believes that plenty of sleep contributes a lot to skin health. Eat healthy, sleep well and workout is her motto. The Dhakdhak girl vouches by the use of honey in her skincare regime to augment her skin health.

Hair Care:

The actress swears by simple oil, shampoo and condition hair routine for healthy hair. She mixes olive oil and castor oil in equal quantities and massages it on her scalp, before every wash. She makes her own homemade conditioners with mayonnaise and fruits like banana, to keep her tresses softer and luscious. 

Eating Habits:

Madhuri Dixit’s goes by very simple, strict diet regimen. She starts her day with healthy breakfast of oatmeal, three egg whites, toast and a cup of tea. She eats a fistful of nuts or half cup of curd with fruits as her midday snack while her lunch menu includes a piece of chicken, vegetables along with wheat roti or bajre ki roti. Her evening snack is again egg white along with tea. Madhuri finishes her dinner by 7.30 pm with a bowl full of salad along with grilled fish, chicken and veggies.

Fitness Routine:

For the ‘best dancer of Bollywood’ as described by many famous choreographers, dance is her favourite workout. She practices Kathak daily at least for an hour daily and believes that it contributes a lot to her peace and spiritual growth. She also does cardio as it pumps in more blood and provides glow to the face. She practices meditation techniques since it promotes mindfulness and helps her improve her cognitive abilities and increase patience and concentration.

Beauty Essentials:

Surprisingly, the beauty essentials of the talented actress are very simple. When she is not shooting, her makeup is very minimal. Madhuri always carries her lip gloss and eyeliner in her vanity for a quick fix.