If you are just getting started with workouts, gym routines and strength training, you probably have heard the term “lean muscle mass” often referred by both, professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike.

lean muscle mass

So what exactly is lean muscle mass? To understand this, you must be aware of the physiology of muscle tissues.

Muscle tissue comprises several cells, often also called muscle fibers which are capable of expanding and contracting to facilitate movement. They are of three distinct types namely:

1. Smooth Muscles

2. Cardiac Muscles

3. Skeletal Muscles

While smooth muscles surround the internal organs and provide them with insulation and mobility, the cardiac muscles function exclusively in the heart to pump blood to all parts of the body and the skeletal muscles encompass the bones, thereby enabling voluntary motion.

All these types of muscles are what contribute towards the lean muscle mass of a person.

The best practice to build lean muscle mass is by engaging in physical activities, to achieve more powerful core muscles in the skeletal and cardiac tissues. Following a nourishing and well-balanced diet also complements muscle strength. Together, these not only bestow an individual with a toned, fit and fab body but also augment heart health and overall well-being.

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5 Fabulous Ways To Develop Lean Muscle Mass:

1. Strength Training Exercises

Perform a combination of strength training routines such as high-intensity interval workouts, yoga, and aerobics, regularly for 30 minutes every day. Although these activities do not decrease your weight, they help in redistributing fat uniformly amongst bodily tissues and regulating appetite. They also improve the potency of core muscles. Also Read: HIIT: 5 Incredible Health Benefits Of High Intensity, Killer Workout

2. Multiple Muscle Workouts

While working out and during the ensuing cooling down routine, make sure that you alternate between stretches, lunges, and squats, so as to involve all the muscle groups in the body – abdominal, thigh, forearm and torso. This will aid in building a robust and slim physique. Also Read: Tabata Training: 5 Effective Exercises To Burn Extra Calories

3. Nutritious Portion-Controlled Meals

Plan a well-balanced wholesome diet, that is equal portions of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, as all these three vital macronutrients are imperative for enhancing muscle strength and function. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber-rich foods as well as meals with high-calorie content and essential amino acids.

4. Coordinated Warm-Up Routines

While the natural breakdown of connective tissue during exercise helps in building reinforced muscle fibers during recovery, do not dive right into a workout, as it may cause serious muscle injuries. It is important to warm up the muscles before training. Develop a synchronized practice of forearm, shoulder, neck, hip and leg stretches, to enhance blood flow to all the muscle groups in the body.

5. Core Developing Supplements

Creatine is an organic compound found in the human body. It plays a very crucial role in regenerating the energy molecules of the cell – Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP), for circulation to muscle tissue and the brain. While engaging in rigorous workouts, ATP levels in the system are vastly depleted and hence consuming creatine supplements can improve the efficiency of the training and power in core muscles. However, do consult with your fitness trainer and nutritionist before taking supplements.


Building lean muscle mass is not all that challenging, provided you plan your workouts, eat a balanced diet and stick to your routine. Engaging in physical activity on a daily basis to develop core muscles promotes heart health, tones physique and fosters complete wellness.