Summer is not a good time for diabetics as they tend to feel more humid than non-diabetics. One of the main complications of diabetes is constriction of blood vessels and nerve related problems which can in turn affect the functioning of sweat glands.

And as a result, the body fails to cool down efficiently causing heat exhaustion and heat stroke, demanding immediate medical attention.

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Diabetes also gets dehydrated rapidly and lack of fluids can cause a sudden spike in blood sugars. High blood sugar causes excessive urination and if the patient is on diuretics, it dehydrates the body even further.

Summer can change the entire routine and management of diabetes. If you are a diabetic, experiencing dehydration, excessive sweating, high or low blood sugars, talk to your doctor immediately.

Tips To Manage Diabetes In Summer

Plenty Of Fluids:

Keep drinking water, even if you’re not feeling thirsty. Buttermilk, salted lemonade, tomato juice, soups, and green tea provide instant hydration. Start your day with warm water and lemon to flush out toxins.

Say No To Caffeine:

Cut down on coffee, caffeinated beverages or sports drinks. Caffeine leads to loss of fluids and triggers elevated levels of blood glucose.  Limit your coffee to two small cups in a day.

Ways To Manage Diabetes In Summer

Adjust Insulin:

If you are an insulin-dependent diabetic, make sure to monitor your sugar levels regularly, before and after meals. If you find a drop or increase in the numbers, talk to your doctor for an adjustment in the dosage.

Avoid Sunburns:

Never walk barefoot even at home. Use sunscreens, and choose lightweight, loose-fitting clothing to avoid sweat. Skin problems are more common in diabetics during summer and it may a long time for the acne, blisters, and sunburns to heal completely.

Don’t Skip Exercise:

Walking, regular exercises help diabetics keep blood glucose under control and prevent hyperglycemia. Go for early morning or late evening walks, practice simple yoga stretches, and pose without exerting pressure on the body. However, avoid walking and exercising during hotter days.

Important Tips To Follow During Summer Vacation

Well, summer is the time of the year for exciting picnics, amusement parks, road trips and vacations with family and friends. To enjoy and have fun to the fullest, follow these simple tips. Yes, eating a wholesome and balanced meal while on vacation is an essential step to optimise your overall health.

Effective Tips To Follow Include:

Exercise in a ventilated cool place like an air-conditioned gym or exercise early in the morning or later in the evening and not during extreme weather. Also, drink plenty of fluids before and after exercise.

Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes and never reuse the socks to avert soreness and blisters on your feet.

Monitor your blood glucose levels on a regular basis and more often when sick. As intense temperature and heat can greatly fluctuate blood glucose levels.

Stock-up blood glucose monitors, strips and insulin in a cool, dry place. Never store insulin in hot temperatures. Remember not to keep insulin in the freezer or in direct sunlight as far as possible.

Carry your diabetes identification card while travelling or going out that helps to indicate you have diabetes.

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